WD Black's Officially Licensed PS5 SSDs Now Include a 4TB Option for an Eye-Watering $550

Pushsquare writes: "If you're currently in the market to upgrade your PS5 internal solid-state drive, manufacturer Western Digital has partnered with PlayStation to produce a line of officially licensed SSDs. Known officially as the WD_BLACK SN850P NVMe™ SSD, this was a collaboration we knew was in the works, but the pricey little stick (at $549.99 USD for the 4TB) is now available."

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darthv72105d ago (Edited 105d ago )

I use the 2tb 850X in my 5 and I think the only difference in the 850P is the PS branding. Not sure if it is worth the extra $$ as the specs are the same between both the X and P with the X being a fair bit cheaper online. I paid $180 for mine last year and now they go for less than $150.

4tb is mouth watering, but I will reserve myself for now.

darthv72105d ago

Just an FYI... WD seems to be doing a bogo sale on the SN850X 4tb without heatsink. If you add two to the cart, it shows $600 but then they knock off $310 so you get TWO 4tb drives for less than $300.

just_looken105d ago (Edited 105d ago )

Yeah but wd in the past has had nad flash chips replaced on the board then recall/fix them or be like read the fine print.

7.3 6.3 read write paper look ok but i find wd is good for storage not performance.

jznrpg105d ago (Edited 105d ago )

I haven’t tried but does the 2TB heatsink fir on the 4tb ? I would assume it doesn’t but I haven’t seen the 4TB in person.

Best Buy has SN850X 4TB with the heatsink for 299$ Right now.

Personally I am going to buy the Firecuda 530 4tb for my next PS5 whenever the next model comes out whatever that is , Pro slim whatever.

Sonic1881105d ago (Edited 105d ago )


That article was back in 2021. WD performance is way better now. I got the 850X installed in my PC and I get great performance


I believe the PS5 Pro will be compatible to the M.2 gen5 NVME drives which will be a lot faster than that firecuda but more expensive of course

just_looken105d ago (Edited 105d ago )


Only the 12/13th gen intel chipsets and the new am5 boards support pcie gen 5 so if it was up to sony the ps5 pro would cost $1,500 for the magic gen 5 nvme motherboard.

My z690 board cost's over $400 itself

Oh also 2021 was only 2yrs ago and that was not the first time they were caught its good you are having excellent performance but i do not trust wd in that regards myself the whole fool me once motto.

Sonic1881105d ago (Edited 105d ago )


I believe AMD and Sony will find a way to implement M.2 gen5 nvme ssd and try to keep the cost down under $600 or $700 or take a loss because Playstation pro is aimed for the enthusiast that wants a premium console and PS5 slim with the detachable drive will be for the casual gamer

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just_looken105d ago

But does the ps5 not allow any nvme brands?

Gen 4 pcie nvme tech is old now with gen 5 out for pc its cheap so why go the ps brand route or wd?

Just grab a crucial nvme or sabernet or any other brand cheaper that this overpriced crap. Heck some are faster also ps5 is no different than a mid range am4 rig from 3-4yrs ago.

$399 usd just not looking for anything special

darthv72105d ago

Having the PS logo (or branding) makes it easy for those who dont know the ins and outs of NVME drives to just say "this one is official... i will get that" as it is guaranteed to work. Pretty much anyone else in the know will go with what they find for a good price. I started out with an Aorus 1tb and then upgraded to the SN850X and gave my son the Aorus.

just_looken105d ago (Edited 105d ago )

How was the arous? one brand i never tried there new gpu lines are very solid

isarai105d ago

Exactly I got a Crucial 2tb for like $110 on Amazon like a year and a half ago, sits well above required specs and works flawlessly. Bought a $10 heatsink and haven't needed to pay any mind to game installs since.

isarai105d ago

Good thing you can buy different brands. Anything labeled console or gaming specific is always overpriced.

andy85105d ago

I can't fathom why anyone would buy this. Why pay $550 for 4TB when the exact same company offers 2TB for $139.

Dandalandan117105d ago (Edited 105d ago )

I got the 1tb version last year during black friday and the space is more than enough. I currently have around 30 to 35 games installed on my PS5.

mastershredder105d ago

So basically Pushsquare says; “we are gullible and willing to promote 4T@$549.99 like it’s a good deal” (or a good idea).

Don’t be like Pushsquare. Wait.

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