Synapse is shaping up to be the next must-buy game for PSVR2

Watch Ian Higton take 12 minutes worth of Synapse PSVR2 gameplay for a spin on this week's VR Corner.

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SullysCigar116d ago

This looks awesome! These guys already nailed cover-shooting with their last game, Fracked, and it looks like they've perfected it for Synapse.

As great as it looks though, I'm GOBSMACKED that this guy managed to make a whole preview without once mentioning that you can climb those rocks and cliffs, hang from them and shoot, leap off them, launch yourself over obstacles by grabbing them and pushing off of them - all sorts! How do you miss something like that from a preview?!

You can also reload your gun by slapping the butt on an obstacle or an enemy instead of pushing a new clip in, if you like. This is John Wick: The Videogame.

Magog116d ago

Jennifer Hale and David Hayter? Talk about your ideal cast. Makes me wonder why David Hayter isn't in more games.

Abnor_Mal116d ago

I’m going to give my honest opinion of the video I saw on YouTube and say the enemies look flat like partially deflated ballon people.

The guns did not have an impressive sound to them when being fired.

Everything else looked okay, I would wait for a sale if I’m honest, but maybe I just need to see more gameplay.

SullysCigar116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

Beardo Benjo has better footage, in 4K too. Matteo has some as well. Both are on YouTube.

Abnor_Mal116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

I’ve seen Matteo before, but never heard of Beardo Benjo so I’ll definitely check him (them) out.

What I said about the characters looking like partially deflated balloon people is not only for this game but quite a few vr games. If you look at your arms and or legs while playing GT7 it looks like a skeleton in clothes driving. Of course not all vr games are like that, just look at the Resident Evil games and you can see that the characters have true mass to them.

It’s definitely a “me” thing, and very minor but still. Oh you never commented on the gun sounds which was just as big a gripe for me.

SullysCigar116d ago

^ Lol I have noticed my driving body is particularly slender in GT7! Must be all that sweating - racing is pretty physical stuff.

I'm not worried about the guns from what I've seen. It sounds like the haptics and triggers are being used to great effect - they were great in Fracked, their previous game - so I think they'll feel great to use and hopefully sound nice once we're playing. We've only seen 12 minutes of the pre-release demo, so the crappy starting pistol and a little bit of footage of an SMG. I expect there will be more guns. I know what you mean though - I was a big fan of Black back in the day and that game NAILED awesome gun sounds!

Certainly looks like the pistol is weak unless you get headshots, though. We also only saw one enemy type (and a brief peak at some kamikaze guys in another video I saw), but I've seen screenshots of others, including a huge guy that picks up the other enemies and lobs them around.

I think this vertical slice was just intended as a taster, to show off the native 4K visuals and the gameplay mechanics, but we'll get loads more soon, as it launches on July 4th, So we'll know soon enough how it all comes together.


Journey to Foundation Begins its PSVR 2 & Quest 2 Trip This Month

Archiact has announced that its sci-fi adventure Journey to Foundation will arrive for PSVR 2, Quest 2 and PICO 4 in late October.

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ApocalypseShadow9h ago

I'm going to check it. Sci-fi and VR is a good mix.


Tiger Blade Brings Korean Neo-Noir to PSVR 2 Next Month

Korean neo-noir action game, Tiger Blade from developer Ikimasho, launches exclusively for PSVR 2 next month.

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Sony Drops a Slew of PSVR 2 Game Announcements and Updates

Meta wasn’t the only company churning out VR news this week with the unveiling of its long-awaited Quest 3 mixed reality headset, as Sony tossed out a slew of PSVR 2 game announcements and updates for its surprise ‘VR Day’ on Thursday.

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ApocalypseShadow2d ago

Yup. Sony keeps adding more and more. Over a hundred games to choose from and it's not even a year yet.

NotoriousWhiz2d ago

I'm sure PS5 gets 100 shovelware titles every month. Quality over quantity. How many of these PSVR2 games are actually worth playing? Maybe 10-15?

JackBNimble2d ago

I'm still waiting on a reason to buy psvr2. I was an early adopter of the original psvr and this time around I'm not falling for the hype.

They're going to need to release actual AAA games and support them for me to spend $750cnd.

Yeah that's right Canadian's pay $750 for a peripheral with boat load of shovel wear.

S2Killinit2d ago

There is way more awesome VR games than meets the eye. You are looking at their games on a flat screen. So you think they are shovelware but you really can’t say that until you play a VR game iN VR.

As of right now, some of my favorite games of the generation are VR titles. Hope that helps.

coolbeans2d ago

True, but they only need one game to *really* pique people's interest: Half-Life: Alyx. I'm still shocked that port hasn't been announced yet.

fsfsxii2d ago

we get it, canadians don't know how currency exchange works.

Kaze881d 22h ago

@NotoriousWhiz I have had PC VR for years it has most of titles on any platform and even still there is not that many great games. there is dozen good games and experiences. All in this VR showcase look pretty decent so I would not say that they are shovelware. I would say that there isnt even 100 VR games currently on PSN and you think there is 100 new shovelware every month...plz.

@JackBNimble Actual AAA games, do you even VR? Like true true AAA quality vr games even in PC VR is like maybe 5 or so, your expectation is not very realistic. Would it be great and good for VR, yes. Possible yes, but very unlikely.

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purple1012d ago (Edited 2d ago )

Arizona sunshine 2.
Farpoint 2.

And a price drop.


Already own a ps5 and a copy gt7 - we ready out here

MrBaskerville2d ago

Arizona Sunshine 2 got announced months ago. Is coming quite soon

purple1012d ago

Yeh but farpoint 2 is Mia.

I fail to believe one of the best psvr games isn't getting a sequel. The developer made it In 2017. Another metaquest game in 2021, so now's the time for a new farpoint. Fingers crossed.

1nsomniac2d ago

As an owner of PSVR2 and an “avid gaming news” reader, if that’s a thing.. I knew absolutely nothing about this until now. Well done Sony another great job at marketing this.

Reading this article though, seems like I didn’t miss much anyway.

Considering Astro did so well I’m really surprised no one else has really had a go at a proper VR platformer. Playing that on the original PSVR is what made me a believer. I haven’t felt like that since.

roadkillers1d 15h ago

I'd consider buying with a flipping Astro port.

ziggyzinfirion2d ago

I think at this point, if Sony really want to push VR, I'd probably would want to start working on a unique PS showcase made specifically for upcoming VR games.

CantThinkOfAUsername1d 22h ago

Valve did that with Half Life Alyx and then what? Nothing happened.

aaronlif101d 14h ago

Half Life Alyx went on to be considered one of the best VR games and for me personally one of the best gaming experiences I've ever had, I wouldn't say that it made no impact. The real crime for me is that it still hasn't been announced for PSVR2.