Octopath Traveler II shipments and digital sales top one million

Total shipments and digital sales for Octopath Traveler II have surpassed one million units worldwide, publisher Square Enix and developer Acquire announced.

shinoff2183113d ago

Good to hear. Would liked to have seen more sold but I'm just as guilty. Will buy but 50 is a bit to much for me without having played the first one. Say what you will I'm just like that. While I did try it on gamepass I never dug deep. Held out hoping for a ps version then it just kinda got lost

TheColbertinator112d ago

Fantastic. Square should continually to support this franchise.


Octopath Traveler II Confirmed for Xbox Release

Square Enix fans playing on Xbox now have reason to celebrate, as Octopath Traveler II has been confirmed for a 2024 release.

RpgSama6d ago

Waiting for the people asking for Game Pass Day1, so they can NOT buy another game.

solideagle6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

I don't think this is an issue. People paid for Ps Plus Extra or Game Pass and in today's Cost of living crisis if they get game on that, yeah sure. whomever wants/wanted to buy will buy eventually :)
There is nothing wrong with this lifestyle...

ZeekQuattro6d ago

Not sure why a game rental service triggers peoole but here we are. People act like it prevents them from enjoying the game because not everyone paid for it. It's not normal.

neutralgamer19926d ago

Just want to know why do you care so much? MS paid millions to get it on Xbox, gamers pay monthly for GP so I TSA not like it’s free or anything

I have my copy on PS5 I will most likely play it on GP and buy it when it’s on sale. Seriously services like GP and Plus would have been amazing when we were in school. They offer a lot of value for the right customers. Even though I am subscribed I know I can’t get the right value (but I will still subscribe for the few AAA games I will get to enjoy)

Starfield alone would have costed $70 so for that much I can get 1.5 years of GP

We as gamers need to stop hating and chill out enjoy the games

hiroyukisanada6d ago

Because it is a loss leader and requires A LOT of content to keep people subscribed. Only way to do that is to own as much content as possible, hence their need to buy all the biggest third party publishers. That limits their ability to release on competing platforms, therefore hurting consumer choice. Sounds like a good deal until it isn't.
Not saying there is anything wrong with it in general but no one wants MS, the absolute worst of the BIG 3, as evidenced by their abysmal release cadence, inconsistency in high quality and miniscule Market share. Consumers continue NOT to choose them and they are brute forcing their way into it.
But yeah, not having to buy games at full price is certainly nice on the wallet.

DarkZane6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

It's also only a matter of time before the quality of games on Gamepass drops drastically and they completely fill them with microtransactions to make even more money.

Plus, the price will definitely not stay low for this long. When they say "something is too good to be true" ... it's the exact thing happening here. Wait until they start increasing the price until it reaches $100 a month.

You know they said if Gamepass doesn't grow enough in 2027, Microsoft would exit the console business? Hopefully it happens. They say competition is good for the industry, but I disagree because MS is that competition. Sony is better alone, not that they are, since Nintendo is their competition even though they do things differently.

Plus, if Microsoft exit gaming, since they just bought Activision, both of them would die together. We'd be rid of the two most toxic cancerous companies at once, it's definitely a win for everyone.

Soulsborne5d ago

Because casual, subscription models of this scale not only do harm to the industry but to the very core of basics. You do not own anything on GP, you are paying to test run a product an inferior product. Want more? Pay more kid. How anyone can defend this when we are in the golden age of MTX, season passes and other bs plaguing the industry.
We as gamers need to stop praising getting bread crumbs.

CrimsonWing695d ago

Do you hate people who use GameFly, too?

franwex6d ago

Cool. Played the original in Xbox, so it was strange that part 2 didn’t make it.

Lexreborn26d ago

The fact that octopath traveler 1 never hit PlayStation and 2 did but 1 hit Xbox but not PlayStation is still the most baffling business decision ever to me.

shinoff21836d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Reminds me of last remnant where square just killed the ps3 version. No IDea why square just couldn't port it.

rob-GP6d ago

Last Remnant came to ps4 as a 4k and 60fps remaster with a bunch of graphical and resolution options, just like Star Ocean Last Hope. But, they never came to xbox one. switch got Last Remnant a few years later though, as did mobile I believe.

shinoff21835d ago

I know I bought last remnant on sale. I meant it was suppose to come out way back

ThichQuangDuck5d ago

Glad more people will get to play it

TriniOutsider5d ago

Some Xbox fanboys aren't gonna play this game. It's not on Game Pass. So they'll have to cough up money for it. Let's see if they also really support SE or just wanna stick to PS fanboys.

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shammgod144d ago (Edited 144d ago )

Can’t wait to see how they expand on OT.

I think this can end up being a huge franchise for Square, but feel like they need to make some advancements in the next game. Both 1 and 2 were fantastic

Michiel1989144d ago

I really enjoyed 2, but it really felt like OT 1.5 and not like OT 2. I was quite disappointed with how samey it was.

Nebaku144d ago

Probably because 2 sold like sh*t.

It's funny, I remember being downvoted here for saying that HD2D was the draw, not Octopath itself. And that when better rpg's used the style, Octopath's blandness would become apparent.

And here we are, proving that true.

jznrpg144d ago (Edited 144d ago )

Sometimes good games don’t sell well. It came out when a lot of games were out and it’s already niche because of graphics and turn based style.

Nebaku144d ago

It's niche because of the graphics that are designed to make it appealing FOR modern audiences?

NitendoPowa144d ago

I think the game price point is the reason for the sluggish sales should be 39.99 instead of 59.99 since the pixel graphics RPG games is kinda niche. It wasn't gonna sale well anyway but it would've sold better at a lower price