Capcom cracks down on racial slurs used in SF6

Street Fighter 6 has burst onto the scene with incredible momentum, quickly becoming one of the best-selling entries in the franchise within its first week. However, this early success is marred by a disturbing issue that exposes the lack of comprehensive measures against bigotry and trolling in the game.

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Kakashi Hatake116d ago

As a Black person, kinda annoyed at being the poster boy for victimhood and racism. Take care of this in private but stop romanticizing it, especially when it's not called out the other way around.

CrimsonWing69116d ago

Man, thank you for being sensible. It's refreshing to see a reply like this.

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343_Guilty_Spark116d ago

What do you mean other way around?

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Sonic1881115d ago

Anti-343_Guilty_Spark 😂

Kakashi Hatake115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

Blacks talk crap about Whites and other races, no one says anything. It's a horrible double standard. Asians talk crap about Hispanics, it's not front page news. Why is it only a problem if someone says something about Blacks? I'd like to live in a time where it's all called out or none of it is. Don't need special treatment. Race relations are terrible now as result. I hate seeing it.

hotnickles115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

That time was the 90s and it was utterly conquered by the weakest willed individuals in human history lol. 90s were peak america.

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Christopher116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

Capcom isn't romanticizing anything. This is a journalist taking things from Twitter and discussing it.

Neofire116d ago

This is the definition of being off code. Black people are the poster child of racism and we didn't start it and Black people aren't running around in game chat perpetuating it either. Stop it.

sadraiden115d ago

So everyone should be cool with edgy teens dropping n bombs then. I see.

blue88116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

Kakashi Hatshepsut@ You sound like someone who let a racist person call you racist slurs and spit on you.You don’t speak for the rest of us black folks who don’t want be disrespected and discriminate against just because our race.

sadraiden115d ago

"As a Black person..."

Excuse me while I press X to doubt.

DaReapa115d ago

My thoughts exactly.

Kakashi Hatake115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

I don't want to be disrespected either but I don't like when what we do is damage controlled for. It doesn't make us better people.

@Sadraiden and DaReapa I think differently from you and that's fine. I watch a lot of news and police videos. Leftist politicians are playing 4D chess and people are too blind to see it. Don't bother using my frame of thought to say im not Black if you're not familiar with George Soros and the evils of left propaganda. I'll just accept that you're misinformed.

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VanHalen116d ago

Thanks for spitting some truth that most are either too blind or too scared to say. That’s some real shit right there my man. Game on!

sadraiden115d ago

They literally said very little of substance, the last sentence makes zero sense. A black person saying that anti-black racism online isn't a problem and the real problem is anti-white racism. That definitely doesn't track, my guy.

Demetrius116d ago

Yeah I'm black too and I agree smh 🤦🏾

sadraiden115d ago

Can I ask what you mean by "romanticizing it, especially when it's not called out the other way around"?

You know what word gamers like to use in online games right?

NotoriousWhiz115d ago

He means it's best if they don't let the community know they're doing something about.

And that other way around part means that he's implicitly okay with it, since "minorities" aren't called out on it.

Wake me up when minorities are killing whites and getting no jail time. Like what's been happening to minorities for many years.

ravens52115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

Exactly. I get it, all people are "equal." Ok. Let's not be ignorant tho. All people aren't "equal" in reality. Nice to think that way and that's how you SHOULD treat people. Not the case in this world. Like sadraiden said, lemme kno when a black person goes and shoots up a predominantly white establishment...I'll wait.

VanHalen115d ago

When democrats say, you ain’t black if you don’t vote for me. What they are really doing is holding the whip above their head and saying. “Your name is Toby”. So you can go ahead and let some old white senile liberal conman pull one over on you. Keep pushing that race card, You are doing exactly what the conmen want. it’s not getting anybody anywhere. If anything, I’m racist against old white libtards and I’m half white, half middle eastern. Funny how a white democrat gets to decide for everybody else what’s good for them. They can all STFU! You need to know the real enemy my friend, because it sure as hell ain’t us!

ravens52115d ago

Are we comparing the C word to the N word here? Nice.... Lmao. No one should call anyone any of those slurs. But let's not pretend they are both equally insidious.

TheCaptainKuchiki115d ago

Yeah you're 100% NOT black.
You tried at least.

GamingSinceForever115d ago

Let me guess. You must be from Florida.

Huey_My_D_Long115d ago

I'd recommend FD Signifier, but imma consider you somewhat of a lost cause if you starting foaming about George Soros, which is hilarious considering you complained about leftist propaganda but spout off nothing but right wing talking points. I bet you probably believe some shit like Woke is something new to black people, and how MLK would be ashamed today etc etc..lol Evils of Leftist propaganda? Literal Black history is being erased today across the nation...but you are right remember when those 2 outta 3 state repubicans members of Tennessee congress got censored for being disruptive and the only 2 were expelled were white republicans......Oh shit, that was actually 2 black democrats....
I admit the left certainly isnt perfect, but it isn't a monolith and some unfortunately will disregard others based on bad reasons, even racist reasons, and sometimes calling actual "anti white" rhetoric(not the BS conservatives lie and whine about "OMG TIMMY Will feel BAD if he learns about slavery) can be an issue, like when that chicago mayor said out loud she was having Only black reporters at her special event. Yeah she should have got greater condemnation, its shitty, but that funny if think that even compares to even the Tennessee event, or I can pull out more examples if you want me too.
But I laugh at the notion that we shouldn't try to defeat racism, because "you guys don't care when you do it so why should we" or because one side isn't perfect ....and then if we do fight it, we shouldn't "romanctize" fighting it. For some people fighting racism is "romantic". They get to feel like they are bettering the world and that notion is is romantic, and its not bad. For some people including a lot of black people its a goddamn necessity, Hopefully some day you will see that, whenever you do, I'll be waiting with open arms brother

ravens52115d ago

Ye. I don't think your black either lol. If you are your sleep walkn bro.

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Killa78116d ago

Good work from Capcom.