The Bad News and Good News of Obsessive Video Games's Richard O. Jones writes

"Negative video games reinforce poor self-images in Black youth. One of the side effects of playing such video games for long periods of time is that the anti-productive images are mentally implanted. In the popular video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, players assume the lead character of Carl Johnson, a down-on-his-luck Black criminal who roams city streets stealing cars and helping gang members knock off rivals in drive-by shootings. Recently,"

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Rasputin20114351d ago

If one who shall play video games chant not realize that video games are GAMES regardless of age ,race, or skin color then they shall not be permitted to play these games.

hhuete4349d ago

their is a new game coming out i think called CRACKDOWN
i are a cop and u can be black/white and u hunt down gangsters..
i wonder if that game will get the same type of negativity, maybe not because u hunt gangsters, and that just go to shows
or will they say, this game teachs cops to have police brutality
hahaha too may things i could say..

TheExodus4349d ago

It's GTA's fault that Black neighborhoods are notorious hotbeds for violent criminal activity? Have to cut this one off here before Hulk comes out to play.