Huge Batch of Sonic the Hedgehog Images

Sega is proud to celebrate Sonic the Hedgehog on his 15th anniversary this year with his very own Xbox 360 game set in the human world. As you can see from these images, the game will features an interactive 3D environment featuring a large cast of old and new characters. Silver, the other hedgehog pictured here, will have the ability to enter Telepath Mode, therefore allowing him to move heavy objects out of his way. This game is going to be all about speed, and hopefully SEGA will be able to deliver the most intense Sonic title to date

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OutLaw5818d ago

I love Sonic. Grew up with the games and to have a 360 version is a must buy for me.

Lucidmantra5818d ago

Behhh I was done after Sonic Adventure for the Dreamcast. It was good but onbce Sonic Party came out I was done.

FamoAmo5818d ago

Next Gen Sonic is gonna be pretty cool. I loved Sonic grwing up!

5818d ago
Xtrm L1481L1TY5818d ago

What is up with all the aliasing? Lazy bastards.