Diablo 4’s multiplayer is where the real game begins

Cat Bussell - "Despite its name, Diablo 4’s open world of Sanctuary is a scary place. Monsters and brigands lurk around every corner and, though you can venture out alone, it often feels far safer to have a buddy by your side. I certainly found this during my own multiplayer forays.

Since I was playing the willowy-looking Rogue, I felt especially comforted by the 7-foot-tall slab of muscle and armor that accompanied me. My friend and I made an unlikely duo as we roamed the wastes of Diablo 4's disquieting yet artistically stunning overworld."

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Tapani117d ago

I don't like Multiplayer in my Diablo. Is the IV campaign better or on par with the 1st and 2nd? If it is, I will buy this. Am about pull the trigger, but really just want to do a single player offline type (I know it's always online) of playthrough and leave it there. Not interested in endgame, I want the story and that's it. IF the game is superb, then I may want to play it again aka New Game+ with the same character if the 2nd playthrough has extras added and the loot keeps being fresh.

What say you! Help me make the decision N4G peeps! :)

LightofDarkness117d ago

I’m thoroughly enjoying it anyway. Couldn’t put it down yesterday, must’ve played about 6-7 hours, unheard of for me these days 😅

LordoftheCritics117d ago

MP is great if you can survive the worst rubber banding in gaming history.

Elda117d ago

I'm enjoying it so far. If you like Diablo 3 then you should have no problem with 4.

Tapani117d ago

I really didn't like Diablo 3, but I loved the first two.

Viljong117d ago (Edited 117d ago )

Yes its the best diablo campaign and game.(diablo 2 was the best until d4)Start with world tier 2 its really challenging or you can choose casual starting difficulty. Soloed the druid class quest yesterday, wasnt easy! Need serious kiting it was grp quest but doable solo. The quest for spirit boons. Im just level 25 but there is much to do and the game aint easy. You need to evade, kite and use all survivality tricks atleast with toxic claw druid. I dont care about multiplayet either and hope its not needed sometimes people follow you when you do world quest and team up up with you and thats pretty fun. It certainly have dark d2 vibes not wow like diablo 3. Even music is similar to d2.

Tapani117d ago

Hmm, this sounds promising. I really disliked Diablo 3 as they went to the completely wrong direction. DII Resurrection and DIV caught my attention, though. Maybe I'll try it out then! Frikkin expensive game as well.

victorMaje116d ago

I haven’t bought it yet but it seems story is better & deeper in this one as well as being closer to D2 in atmosphere. Check out SkillUp’s review on YT, it might help.

HyperMoused116d ago

If you liked the other Diablos id say you will like this, with the online bit i dont stop and talk to anyone or anything like that, occasionally you will see other players out in the field but if anything it helps with an encounter or whatnot and evryone moves on.

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Tankbusta40117d ago

GAAS title...great for those that enjoy it

sagapo117d ago

The only thing I’m not a fan of is the level scaling.

sealava117d ago

and for me multiplayer is where the game ends.
had enough of multiplayer in other games ,just wana enjoy my game, have fun and relax.
no more hamsters wheel for me blizzard, thanks.

Si-Fly116d ago

You can absolutely enjoy this game solo though 🤷🏼‍♂️ That’s how I’m playing it.

shammgod116d ago

People want to always blow thru dungeons and content not giving you any time to read dialogue or anything else. That’s why I fly solo.

BlackDoomAx117d ago

Can't wait for my buddy to join me tonight. Solo is cool and all, but coop is the shit :)

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LordoftheCritics8d ago

Exhausting game.

There is zero drive to do anything in the game.

Slappy McGee7d ago

Especially after you beat it. The seasons are just not fun and neither is grinding to level up since everything levels with you.

Sonic18817d ago

I went from liking this game to hating it. Diablo Immoral 2.0

Gardenia7d ago

That's what battle pass and seasons do to a game. They control how much you can play, how fast you should level and what you can win for free.

northpaws7d ago

I am starting to believe Xbox is cursed at this point... everything they touched slowly become shit, not saying it is their responsibility as I know they don't have involvement on some of these games, just crazy how they are almost impossible to put out a decent games as long as the publishers/studios are owned by them, unlucky I guess.

bradfh7d ago

Activision, not Xbox, is responsible for disappointing games like Diablo, Overwatch 2, Call of Duty, and World of Warcraft, which often suffer from endless grinding and changes that make them less enjoyable.

Kosic7d ago

Xbox does not own D4, so I am unsure how they can be at fault for this game...