Further proof of God of War on PSP

With the release of Daxter some time ago, many PSP owners have been extremely interested in what Ready At Dawn's next big PSP title would be. There have been a number of rumors of what it may be, but one detail in particular has stuck out - it will be an original game based on a best-selling PS2 title. The rumor which kept popping up most was a new God of War title. Well, with the release of RAD's new website, they have more or less provided some sort of confirmation that the game will indeed be something God of War related.

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CAPS LOCK4891d ago

why are they always porting games to the PSP? i mean be original like nintendo, i am regretting being a PSP owner. where are all the exclusives? and the innovation?

i like god of war and this is good news but, sony please be more innovative with the psp.

Shadow Flare4891d ago

and that's Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core