I can’t believe how nice everyone is in Street Fighter 6

Online lobbies and communities aren’t exactly known for their positive approach to other gamers, but in Street Fighter 6, something special is happening.

KofiDaGamer111d ago

Yea thanks to the modern controls option. As a hardcore SF fan it personally turned me off tbh

DarXyde111d ago

They're talking about community positivity, not skill. Article clearly mentions the compliments and helpful feedback the author received from opponents.

What does that have to do with the accessibility (which for the record, has a clear ceiling on its benefits that are not going to net you any wins against skilled opponents)?

KofiDaGamer111d ago

oops...my bad. They need to remove those modern controls though. It's ruined the online experience!

J-DARKnes111d ago

I jumped online for the first time today and the amount of drive impact spammers is ridiculous, wish there was an option to only fight against classic controls players.

DarXyde111d ago

I think that's inevitable.

SeTTriP111d ago

Their are a couple option to shut drive impact down, you can even cancel normals into it.

It's like reacting to a throw for me, a none issue.

NotoriousWhiz110d ago

Haven't lost to a single modern controls player yet. Lost to plenty of classic control gamers though.

TriniOutsider110d ago

Just try to jump over them or try land light three light punches or punish them with your drive impact. They're easy to react to as they come out at a very slow rate.

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SeTTriP111d ago

Modern controls actually limits player option, it's just away to bridge the gap from low level play into intermediate once your there you going to want more options.

As a fighting gaming you really can't do better then this, sf6 is a master piece.

J-DARKnes111d ago

I have no problem dealing with drive impact, it just makes playing the game boring, I noticed that the people using modern controls were the ones spamming it the most. Reminds me of dragonball fighterz and the auto combo spammers, easy to deal with but boring to fight.

babadivad110d ago

This is like people complaining about "easy mode" in MvC. It was never an issue fighting against players who used this mode.

Flewid638110d ago

A control scheme you'll never use nor be forced to use? Thats hella strange. lol.

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walken7111d ago (Edited 111d ago )

Your mom is nice, and makes great cookies.

ApocalypseShadow111d ago

Come again?


It's great that SF has been reborn for the modern age. And I'm glad he's had a good time with it. But we still got the knuckleheads out there that still need to be dealt with. It's not all roses for everyone.

Rebel_Scum111d ago

Not a big fan of MP games but whenever I am into one its usually got nice people on it. Makes a huge diff.

111d ago
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Snookies1226d ago

Can't lie, I personally hate her hair... It's far worse than even the most ridiculous Final Fantasy hairstyle, lol. Give me Seymour hair from FF X any day over this.

Ryuha1234h26d ago

What does Final Fantasy have to do with Street Fighter? Two different type of games.

Snookies1225d ago

You serious? It's an example. I'm talking about the HAIR specifically, not the series itself. A lot of people poke fun at Final Fantasy hair styles. That's why I referenced it.


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locomorales46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

I don't understand how this can be approved as related to games, but a developer talking about politics in its own game is off topic.