Capcom sales update: RE4 remake at 3.7 million, Monster Hunter Rise at 12.7 million, more

Capcom has updated its list of “Platinum Titles”—games that have sold over one million units—providing total sales numbers as of March 31, 2023.

SullysCigar117d ago

They can expect a boost when RE4 Remake releases for PSVR2. 10% of people that played RE7 played it on PSVR. VR brings Resident Evil to life and easily adds a point to the score, in my opinion.

roadkillers117d ago

RE4 sales have to be inaccurate. It was report that they sold more than 3 million copies in two days. It was also report at 3.75 million in May.

Edit: I see, the 3.7 million is within the week of release.

Lexreborn2117d ago

So it looks like monster hunter world sold better than ride. Although 12 million is nothing to sneeze at


Resident Evil 1996 - 2023 - A Look at some Resident Evil games and how the visuals improved

CG writes: In this video we take a look at the original 1996 release of Capcom’s Resident Evil on the PSOne, then go through most of the more popular games in the long-running series. You can see the full list below in chronological order of release (or thereabouts). Sure, there are some notable omissions such as Resident Evil Chronicles and Resident Evil Outbreak 1 & 2 etc. but the video does a great job of highlighting how the game’s visuals progressed over 25 years. The last game in the video showcases the Resident Evil 4 remake which released earlier this year.

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bunt-custardly1d 23h ago (Edited 1d 23h ago )

Quite amazing how in late 90s those pre-rendered static backgrounds were like the bees knees. I am wondering what a game would look like today if it used the same pre-rendered backgrounds. Are we looking at photo-realistic environments or is there no need when you have games like UNRECORD using UE5?

Spenok1d 22h ago

I would say no need when you consider games like Unrecord.

ApocalypseShadow1d 14h ago

Not just the visuals. But the immersion since 3 of them are in VR

anast1d 11h ago

I can't wait to rent these on my iphone...


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