Capcom Showcase to be held on June 12

Capcom: "Tune in on June 12, 3pm PDT for a Capcom Showcase digital event featuring roughly 36 minutes of news and updates on our latest games. See you there!"

phoenixwing115d ago

Here's hoping for some rpgs to be unvieled

CDbiggen115d ago

Give me some Ace Attorney please


PlayStation Stars campaigns and digital collectibles for October 2023

Visit PlayStation Stars on PlayStation App for the latest campaigns.

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Epic Games CEO addresses layoffs, reveals future of Fortnite

After laying off numerous employees, Tim Sweeney, the company’s founder and CEO, sent an email about the situation. The 52-year-old businessman clarified why the layoffs happened and even shed some light on the future of Fortnite.

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Jin_Sakai1d 4h ago (Edited 1d 4h ago )

Good on them doing this at least.

“we’re offering a severance package that includes six months base pay and in the US/Canada/Brazil six months of Epic-paid healthcare. We’re offering to accelerate people’s stock option vesting schedule through the end of 2024 and are giving two additional years from today to exercise the options. In the US we’re also offering to vest any unearned profit sharing from their 401k. And we’ll provide benefits including career transition services and visa support where we can.”

Knightofelemia1d ago

I wonder how much of a bonus the CEO will get after this decision?


Epic makes way too much money to have to lay people off of the spent that money smartly. Tim wasted money on exclusives for their store when it could have gone to paychecks for people.

Mikeyy10h ago

Epic put all their eggs in one basket with fortnite, they should have continued with the development of unreal tournament and got that game going as an arena shooter that's free to play with a huge cosmetic cash shop.

But your CEO knows what their doing.... laying off people so the board doesn't see exactly how much you stuck. The usual playbook.


EA Delists Latest FIFA Games From Prominent Digital Stores

Following the release of EA Sports FC 24, the publisher seems to have removed FIFA 14 up to 22 from major digital storefronts.

MrNinosan1d 11h ago

And as a Journalist, you should know why.
FIFA ain't allowing the games on the storefronts without EA paying for them. Pretty obvious.

Rols1d 9h ago

Looks like the FIFA licensing deal has expired. No mystery about it.

badboyz091d 9h ago (Edited 1d 9h ago )

EA FC please Flop🤞