Star Wars: Lethal Alliance - A Cosmic Saga Beyond the Lightsabers

Star Wars: Lethal Alliance," a captivating videogame that weaves an untold saga in the iconic Star Wars universe. Dive into its engaging characters, plot, and gameplay in our review

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1UP: Star Wars Retro Roundup

1UP writes: "A long time ago -- 30 years to be precise -- in a Mann's Chinese Theatre far, far away, a hokey B movie called Star Wars debuted and changed motion picture history forever. And for 25 of those 30 years, LucasArts and others have been producing games based on the phenomenon it inspired.

In that time, we've seen a lot of repetition; how many times can we fly through the Battle of Hoth, anyway? And we've seen a lot of junk games, too. But just as often, the games bearing the Star Wars name have been a brilliant success. Whether they work by simply tapping into our nostalgic fondness for the films in a clever way or simply stand on their own merits, the best Star Wars games stand the test of time."

Denocao5457d ago (Edited 5457d ago )

Star Wars needs something else to bring the old glory days back.

dachiefsman5457d ago

might be prickish to say, but George Lucas needs to be removed from anything Star Wars or Indie.

Denocao5457d ago

I think you nailed it.
Star Wars has become just one big product for George Lucas.
SW needs to get back to its roots. Good story, epic fights, great surprises, cool effects.

ASSASSYN 36o5457d ago

"Star Wars has become just one big product for George Lucas." Yeagh a multi billion dollar product. Now what the F is wrong with that?

Heldrasil5456d ago

"Old Republic" ....yes, but that's because of Bioware
"Star Wars"....no

sajj3165457d ago

As a game ... probably not. As a movie franchise ... I think so. Star Wars didn't matter until Episodes I, II, and III were created. Folks were content with IV, V, and VI. I think they still are :)

Product5457d ago

It never has......ive never liked StarWars.IMO there are to many other scifi movies that are better then them.
Besides Lucas needs to stop sucking at the Star Wars tit.
Its sad that the man makes a StarWars affiliated movie or game every year.......i know he is creative...branch out will ya.
After hes debut movie THX 1138(which was great)ive never liked another thing he has done.

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