Halo 3 Beta Will Reveal 'X' Button Functionality

Since Bungie and Microsoft started letting people mess around with Halo 3, the companies have continued to tease the supposed function of the X button on the controller. We know it's not sprinting, so what is it? Does it enable the shield hinted at in last year's teaser commercial? Can you quickly enable team-speak? Right now, Bungie isn't saying diddly about it, but we should know soon enough -- it'll be in the beta.

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Covenant5701d ago

...let it be an all-purpose, all-encompassing banish button for foul mouthed 12-year-olds with more attitude than skill.

Havince5701d ago

its been that long since played it

Booneral5701d ago

Well, I expect it to be a context sensitive button, just like we saw in Gears of War (A button). Maybe there will be more functionality, who knows, but they explained already that "banishing stupid-people" is done through player list. So I think the functionality of "X" will be gameplay based.