Apple's mixed reality 'Vision Pro' headset revealed, 100 launch games, Unity support

Apple's new headset is coming next year, and will launch with over 100 Apple Arcade games and have support for Unity-based games.

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crazyCoconuts118d ago

Yeah clearly not designed primally for gaming

kickerz118d ago

Whatever happened to Microsofts Augmented reality glasses? That came out years ago and no one really cared lol. I guess that tech is pretty cool. Not $3500 cool though.

kneon118d ago

Hololens was never going to live up to the hype. I've used them quite a bit when I was working in VR and they are interesting, but getting a clear consistent image in AR glasses is probably impossible. The only way is to design it like a vr headset but with a camera so you can overlay on top of the captured video stream.

Extermin8or3_118d ago

Microsoft cancelled it completely recently and laid off pretty much everyone involved in its development.

Extermin8or3_118d ago

Yeah and yet it costs almost 4k loool

OneLove117d ago

Extermin8or3_ a quick Google search says they haven't canceled it lmao wtf you on?

Bobertt117d ago

Also it's $3500 so overpriced as usual from Apple. Maybe in 5-10 years it will be worth it.

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Eonjay118d ago

The "PSVR2 is too expensive" articles died that day.

JEECE118d ago

Except everyone writing those articles probably spends over $1000 on apple products every year anyway, so I'm sure "the apple quality is worth it."

Umb118d ago

The way I see it, the price is justifiable in Apples eye's is because there's the 'PRO' word attached to the product.

That there is an automatic extra $1000!!!

StormSnooper118d ago (Edited 118d ago )

the crazy thing about the "PSVR2 too expensive" articles is that they did not even make mathematical sense. They were comparing apples to oranges.

DarXyde118d ago


You won't see my defending Apple and their crazy price points, but I do have a MacBook Pro and I think it's worth it for the sheer productivity value and app suite (I mainly do research, but I also write/publish, do project management, and data analysis). Idk, it just works for my work.

Do I hate their outlandish prices? Yep! They're good and well out of their minds.

VariantAEC113d ago

More accurately, they were comparing Apple's to PlayStation's.

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kneon118d ago

This is the same company that charges you $700 for a set of fucking wheels


The last time I gave Apple any money was for an Apple ][, and that will be the last time

bloop118d ago

@kneon: Jesus H Christ that's the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen.

Eidolon118d ago

What'd you expect from Apple. they sell a monitor stand for $1000.

fr0sty118d ago

$3499 and it won't fit over your glasses, so you'll have to fork over even more for special lenses.

Profchaos118d ago

A products value and worth is subjective a 100k tractor seems pointless to a office worker.

But in this instance Apple has been sniffing their own farts again

DarXyde117d ago

Unfortunately, I doubt that.

Never underestimate their enthusiasts. They'll likely make a killing in San Francisco, Denver, and New York City alone.

roadkillers117d ago

At $3500, will any store stock it? The most returned item to Best Buy has to be the VR headsets..

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sparky77118d ago

I will wait until the non pro version releases for $1000 but this would be good for someone who doesn't own a Mac or a TV and is likely the only way VR/AR ever become mainstream.

DOMination-118d ago

Honestly the Vision Pro was never intended to be a mass-market consumer product.

This is more aimed at developers but with the long-term goal of eventually getting the form factor down to a pair of regular looking glasses. As someone with not the best eyes, the health features being touted down the road, automatic lens adjustment and of course advances in AR tech means I'm interested in that end product. Unfortunately, even for Apple, that's probably a decade away.

Having another player in the market will hopefully encourage everyone to push on with this tech to get to that end goal. It has the potential to be as important as the smartphone.

Grilla118d ago

It’s about the apps also, by the time it goes mainstream it’ll have a decent library of apps ready to go.

Profchaos118d ago (Edited 118d ago )

I'd understand that argument if they showed it off in a work environment similar to the hololense but this was basically hey look you can play games and see your photos and watch it on a plane while looking like a total tool we know you want it because we put a logo on it.

If the product isn't picked up by a market segment it will die then all these ideas will never trickle down to an affordable price point.