Meta Quest 3 Won't Abandon PC VR Gaming Just Yet

Meta Quest 3 won't abandon PC VR gaming just yet as Quest Link and Air Link compatibility is confirmed for the upcomign headset.

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ApocalypseShadow179d ago

Yeah. The headset won't as it rides off of being used as a cheaper headset for Steam use than Index and most PC headsets. But the parent company Facebook abandoned PC long ago when dropping the brand Oculus. There's no games being made for PC from them. That could change but I doubt it at the moment as stand alone is their first thought going forward. And why Asgard's Wrath 2 is only announced for Quest.

kevco33179d ago

Agreed. They want to create their own ecosystem and avoid Steam wherever possible.

The time will come when they abandon PC altogether, but it's not quite yet.

Neonridr177d ago

I mean Oculus was bought by Facebook, it was only a matter of time before that name disappeared. I think you are talking about the Rift series of headsets, which were PC only.

ApocalypseShadow177d ago

It was called Oculus Rift right? It wasn't a matter of time. They decided to get rid of it when the name was fine and the Rifts. What other headsets would I be talking about?

They still abandoned PC game development and hardware. They ride off of Steam. If Valve shut them off, (which I doubt because it makes Valve money whatever the headset), Facebook would have to step up their game on PC or hope the Quest line of headsets is compelling enough being behind in graphics on stand alone compared to PC and console.

Although I don't use PC VR, I'm well aware of it.

Neonridr176d ago

@ApocalypseShadow - they steered away from the Rift headset because of its closed nature, it wasn't in line with what they wanted. The opted for the more successful Quest line of headsets since they offered the convenience of both wireless or wired gameplay. I don't see how this is hard to understand, it's a business after all.

And what do you mean they abandoned PC game development? Meta owns like 9 or 10 VR studios including the company that makes Beat Saber for the PSVR2.

Number1TailzFan178d ago

If they abandon it then they will get much less sales, people with decent computers will want one to stream wirelessly or link up by cable. It would be a big mistake to abandon PCVR, especially when we might get a much better new generation of GPUs in terms of price & performance next year.

CrimsonWing69177d ago

I mean is it VR though, I know you can create an environment when watching a movie, but can you actually play VR games? It looks far more like AR to me.

Neonridr177d ago

do you know anything about the Quest line of headsets? Of course you can play games, that's what it's designed for.

CrimsonWing69177d ago

Oof my bad, I was thinking this was Vision Pro for some reason.

EvertonFC177d ago

Do you know anything about VR or AR for that matter pmsl.

CrimsonWing69177d ago

Yea sorry, I don’t know why I was thinking this was Vision Pro.


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BlackCountryBob14h ago

Love that every photo shows Greg looking just like Noel Fieldings portrait of him (if you know, you know)


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1Victor1d 20h ago

As long as they do a good job on it let them take their time.
I don’t want a rushed game full of bugs or looking like last generation VR


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