RoboCop: Rogue City Captures The Vibe Of The Movies, Has RPG-Inspired Gameplay - GameSpot

A nearly unstoppable movie hero does not make for a very exciting video game protagonist.

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autobotdan119d ago

Come quietly or there will be trouble

chrisx119d ago

Totally read that in Weller's voice

Rynxie119d ago

This guy (gamespot) complains all sound trivial.

just_looken119d ago

scary thing is that we have robo cops today and the ai is almost there

Robocop on our streets 2040?

Game looks good

darthv72119d ago

looking forward to this one. I do hope the voice acting is improved over the initial trailer.

DefenderOfDoom2119d ago

Looking forward to playing this game .

Dagexon119d ago

I kind of liked the voice acting. It seems cheesy and campy and it seems to be nailing that original movie's tone of humor

GhostScholar119d ago

Sorry it’s not a souls game which clearly what you wanted 🙄

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