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Over 35 years since he first stomped the streets of Detroit, RoboCop returns to the frontlines. Teyon, the studio behind Terminator: Resistance and Rambo: The Video Game, is primed for its most ambitious ‘80s action movie revival yet. Set between the events of RoboCop 2 and 3, with Peter Weller reprising his iconic role, RoboCop: Rogue City takes us back to Old Detroit once again to clean up the streets. Promising familiar faces, a huge helping of explosive violence, and the franchise’s gloriously stilted, cheesy humor, Rogue City is a bloody first-person shooter that takes us on an authentic trip to Alex Murphy’s old haunts to chase a new threat.

DaleCooper119d ago

I'm a big Robocop fan and this actually looks pretty great. I'll likely pick this up if reviews are decent.


RoboCop Rogue City Trophy List Revealed

RoboCop Rogue City Trophy List Revealed (Achievement List). Check out all 28 trophies & achievements for RoboCop: Rogue City

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RoboCop: Rogue City Earns ESRB Rating, Reveals Mature Content and Gameplay Mechanics

RoboCop: Rogue City has received its ESRB rating revealing intense themes and gameplay mechanics. The game is set for a November 2, 2023 release.

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autobotdan5d ago

Come quietly or there will be trouble

ZeekQuattro5d ago

Day 1 for me. Robocop stayed in my rotation growing up. Still does to this day.


RoboCop: Rogue City Release Date Takes Aim on November 2, New Gameplay Video Released

Nacon has announced the RoboCop: Rogue City release date for November 2 on consoles and PC, alongside a new gamplay video.

DaleCooper38d ago

I know, this game may not be great, or even good, but I cannot wait to play this. Good to see Lewis is in the game.

anast38d ago

I would be surprised if this game turned out not to be fun.

CobraKai37d ago

The Xbox Robocop game was atrocious. This looks like it’s making moves in the right direction. I can’t tell one way or the other if it’ll be good, but i will be playing it.

I’ll probably won’t use any other gun but the Auto-9 unless i have to

isarai34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

I think it's a bit genius actually, like the devs know RoboCop cannot move fast, so they sorta use the principles of lightgun/rail shooters and bombard you with enemies and different things to constantly interact with via shooting them, the bullet ricochet is awesome. So it's a lot more like playing Virtua Cop but you control the camera. The physics, Ragdolls and destruction feel like such a great return to what I loved about games in the PS2/3era that has been mostly forgotten. I can't wait for this

EazyC38d ago

I do like how they've put RPG elements into this. The deeper the better. I hope this is good!

Rynxie38d ago

Looks great, I'll be getting it. I enjoyed and platinum terminator and it's expansion.

mkis00738d ago (Edited 38d ago )

I'm hoping his auto9 has the trademark sound and burst at least as an option... I couldn't hear it in this.

Edit according to this article it does!!! https://www.theloadout.com/...

ZeekQuattro37d ago

Hope this is good. Robocop is definitely on my top 10 list of movies. I watched it all the time with my mom. Can you fly Bobby?