You'll Be Able to "Fully Enjoy" Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Without Playing Final Fantasy VII Remake

Square Enix has been sharing more and more details about the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake sequel Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

Becuzisaid115d ago

Now understand?...that's completely different.

GoodGuy09115d ago

Was about to say lol. Obviously they have to say this so the game gets sales.

CobraKai115d ago

Prolly a recap video included before you start the game

Eonjay115d ago

I loved the recap videos in FF13-2 every time you loaded in.

CobraKai115d ago

It’s very helpful. Sometimes I’d go weeks without playing and forgot what happened

I_am_Batman115d ago

I don't see why anyone interested in Rebirth wouldn't want to play Remake first. Both are available on PS5.

shinoff2183114d ago

Not me but some people are just like that. Can't be caught playing nothing but the newest and greatest game and it better have reviewed well.

banger88114d ago

So going by that logic, they would have already played Remake 3 years ago.

Snookies12114d ago

I never understood this... Why would anyone jump into a series mid-way through? Just don't play it at all, if you aren't going to start from the beginning. I could understand some games, but not a story-focused RPG... Makes zero sense.


Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Different Editions and Pre-Order Bonuses Detailed

We've got the rundown on the different Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth different editions and pre-order bonuses that players can buy ahead of launch.

shinoff21832d ago

I'll be going deluxe. That collector's edition is gonna be pricey. Pretty dope though

-Foxtrot1d 20h ago

The issue with the collectors edition people are missing is that it's not really a collectors edition at its core

Like the FFVII remakes "collectors edition" and Kingdom Hearts III you are basically being sent the Deluxe edition with the statue arriving in separate packaging unlike something like the FFXVI collectors edition where the statue/contents are all packaged together in one collectors box.

shinoff21831d 16h ago

Good catch. Didn't notice that. Still neat but kinda weird.

Double_O_Revan1d 8h ago

I miss more simple collectors editions. These $300+ Uber editions are getting out of hand. They don't even come with the game, just a code, and sometimes not even that. Yet they come with steel books.

If you want to sell a statue, then just sell a statue.

Sephiroushin22h ago

they do it to f* people like me, i play on pc they dont do statues for pc so i got the ps5 ver that i wont play until it comes to pc and i have to rebuy 🤦🏻


Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Has Huge Amounts Of Mini-Games, Says Director Naoki Hamaguchi

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is filled to the brim with a lot of mini-games, as confirmed by one of the devs in an interview.

gold_drake2d ago

im glad there is so much to do. i love the qorld of ff7. its just so amazing

but.. i know myself, ill spend so much time exploring that it will take me ages to actually progress haha. i wonder how they balanced the difficulty of the game.

SinisterMister1d 13h ago

This type of stuff in games is something that I really really enjoy.

gold_drake1d 9h ago

or stuff to do?

im the same, i always get sidetracked tho ha


TGS 2023: Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Feels Bigger In All The Right Ways | Hardcore Gamer

It looks like Square Enix is doing its best to keep the momentum going with the Final Fantasy Remake trilogy. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is definitely more of what made the last game good, but it's also been expanded in a few key ways that'll further enhance players' experiences.

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Snookies123d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Man, I really hope they keep the Battle Square the same in Gold Saucer. I want those random debuffs and some awesome prizes! It would be amazing if you could still get Omnislash there.

Kurisu3d ago

*Gold Saucer Theme intensifies*

Magatsuhi3d ago

The action is so over the top. Why is cloud doing more than omni-slash? It's crazy how ham he's going so early in the game.

MrNinosan3d ago

This game will absolutely be in for the GOTY 2024 award, and damn I hope they can nab it.
This game has everything and so much more I could ever wish for in this project.