‘E3 killed itself’, not competition from Summer Game Fest, says Geoff Keighley

Summer Game Fest host and producer Geoff Keighley has rubbished suggestions that competition from his rival event was partly responsible for the cancellation of this year’s E3.

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hotnickles261d ago

True. Games fest is the crappy replacement for the e3 incompetence. When they leaked all of that info they were done with the major companies

anast261d ago

After the first E3 I watched after talking a break from gaming, I knew it was going to fail. You can't make these events about who can lick which influencers'/celebrities&# 39; boots the best and expect gamers to stick around.

KyRo261d ago (Edited 261d ago )

I miss E3. I know for whatever reason, some people are happy for it to be gone but the presentations and the crowd reactions made it feel special. The hype is never the same for these showcases. I get why companies do their own but E3 dying lost some of gamings magic. Game fest is cool but it's never the spectacle that E3 was

dumahim261d ago

Not just that, but you get devs and execs in one place for journalists to face questions. Now we just get a pre-recorded show and no one available to ask questions of.

potatoseal261d ago

I also miss E3, but I don't actually want it to come back. I feel a lot of stuff got in the overall quantity of games announced.

GhostScholar261d ago (Edited 261d ago )

There’s No one in gaming more annoying than Keighley.

potatoseal261d ago

He'll always be the Dorito Pope to me.

GhostScholar261d ago

He would die for kojima and Kojima could care less about him. It’s like the nerd who the high school qb says what’s up to and to the nerd that means they’re best friends.

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Departing PlayStation Chief Jim Ryan Reveals the Biggest Challenges of His 30-Year Career

The departing Sony Interactive Entertainment president and CEO shares his favorite PlayStation games, proudest achievement and future plans.

Jin_Sakai23h ago(Edited 23h ago)

I’d say the hardest challenge was trying to push live service games on all the first party developers and have it fail miserably. All you need was Helldivers 2 all along. Acquiring Arrowhead Game Studios would have been a much better investment than spending $3.5 billion on Bungie.

solideagle21h ago

this generation is very underwhelming. This is the only time I bought a console at launch, usually, I wait 2-3 years. It's all about Remakes and Remasters. For me

PS2 > PS3 > PS1 > PS4 > PS5

Harkins172121h ago

I never got to play older games so remakes and remasters are good for me personally.

FinalFantasyFanatic10h ago

I don't mind remakes and remasters, but some of them have been horribly unneeded or underwhelming, especially The Last of Us remakes and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, as well as a lack of variety in new games. This is the first gen where I have not purchased a Playstation console/handheld, I've even purchased the PSP/Vita.

For me, it's PS1 > PS2 > PS4 > PS3 > PS5.

DarXyde20h ago(Edited 20h ago)

For Jimbo, the sense I get is that his biggest challenge was getting up to do a press conference when he's a guy that looks like he suffers from daily hangovers.

I don't think he's done any press conferences during his tenure, so we know he's lost that battle.

CrimsonWing6918h ago

Well, with the success of Helldivers 2 they now will hella push the GaaS initiative. So, I guess Jimbo was right all along then…

solideagle16h ago

not sure if HellDivers2 is making money off of some microtransactions? does it have micros?

CrimsonWing6912h ago(Edited 12h ago)


I'm not sure what GaaS game doesn't have in app purchases... I mean, that's kind of the point of the model is to make recurring revenue throughout its life-time, but searching the add-ons for the game I see the following:

- HELLDIVERS 2: 1000 Super Credits for 9.99
- HELLDIVERS 2: 150 Super Credits for 1.99
- HELLDIVERS 2: 2100 Super Credits for 19.99
- HELLDIVERS 2: 375 Super Credits for 4.99

So, yea... I'm assuming they're making money off the micro-transactions. It's GaaS and its successful, so here's to a GaaSsy future!

FinalFantasyFanatic9h ago

I feel like Helldivers 2 was one of the least predatory GaaS games i've seen in a while, at least it's not going to fail like the majority of GaaS games have lately.

phoenixwing20h ago(Edited 20h ago)

He did OK. But made one blunder. He focused too much on making studios do live service games.

The_Hooligan16h ago

I miss Jack Tretton. I remember his 2013 E3 conference when he talked about PS4 being able to play used copies and the audience went crazy lol. I personally think he was the most likable Sony executive in past 10-15 years, outside of Shuhei of course.

RhinoGamer8812h ago

Ryan said "Convincing customers the PS5 could play 4K at 60fps, when we knew it rarely would, was stellar team Playstation effort."


Xbox Claims Console Market Growth Is Stagnant Since 6 Years, Discusses Call Of Duty On Game Pass

Microsoft has shared plans regarding bringing the Call of Duty series to Xbox Game Pass & has shared some insight on the console market.

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Kornholic22h ago

Since Xbox Series console sales are even weaker than Xbox One's, stagnant is a bit misleading - it's shrinking!