PS3 Japan sales gain breaks four-week dip

Sales for Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 increased this week as the machine's software gained traction on the retail charts.
Media Create Co. on Fri. reported that the PS3 sold 23,431 units between Feb. 5 and Feb 11, up from 18,727 units the week prior. The jump in sales can be attributed to the release of Sega's Virtua Fighter 5, the latest sequel to the top-selling fighting game series which debuted at No. 1 in the same period.

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CAPS LOCK4261d ago

nice movie, i have even heard that the ps3 outsold the ps2 in the last month which is great! oh yea i saw in a cataloue(can't spell it right) book called Argos that the ps3 will be released both 20gb and 60gb version on March the 7th. this book sells all things from toasters to jewelry to clothing to sport orientated goods.

TheMART4261d ago (Edited 4261d ago )

Still just over 20k in Japan is too few systems sold. I've seen some salescharts Sony wanted to reach or to get their targets better said. They need to sell 50k to 60k to be able to reach them.

How in hell are they going to sell 6 million units before the end of March if they just sold 1.4 million units with less then 1.5 months to go? How?

@ ammojoe (below)

The PS3 launches 23 march overhere in Europe. So they have exactly 1 week before the end of march to sell how much exactly?

They sold 1.4 million in 4 months. Sales have slowed down everywhere. I don't expect that to be different in Europe compared to USA/Japan actually. I say, they sell 2 million or just a little over at max before the end of march

@cybervike (below)

So that will be about a freakin' 4 MILLION units sitting on the shelves then by that time?

OMG that's insane. How much will cost Sony that?

6 x 300 million dollars... almost 2 billion dollars gone and only 2 million sold. That must hurt Sony

ammojoe4261d ago

They are likely banking on a big win in Europe. Still I dont think they are going to sell 4 million though.

cybervike4261d ago

I'm pretty sure their goal is to have shipped 6 million not sold.

"Sony expects to reach 6 million PS3 units shipped by Mar. 2007."

bobbybrown4261d ago

TheMart you are hilarious dude. Have you dedicated your life to hating sony?

techie4261d ago

Well if one "killer" title can raise the sales of the ps3 that much - I expect motorstorm and others to do the same. We all know its about software so as soon as it starts coming, expect the sales to drastically improve.

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Black Republican4261d ago

they wont sell that much
even if the system is greater then anything else
Nintendo came out at the same time, and they have a greater advantage, xbox has a greater advantage
ppl have seen already what the xbox and nintendo can, this leaves sony short of expectation. sony is supposed to be the god system, but this console has been way over hyped and will not win this next gen war

BIadestarX4261d ago

I though this game was going to sell at least 2-3 times that amount. Compare to the xbox 360 Sony is holding good. Compare to the wii or what it should be if it wants to get anywhere it's really bad.

Die_Sloe064261d ago

Sony right now is banking on the success of the PlayStation name, and its the only reason that its done "decent" in some circles. You see, Sony is in a different kind of battle this time out. Its not facing a joke of a system in Saturn, and Nintendo the last 2 generations have done a fine job in alienating itself from a large gaming demographic.

I think its sad that due to the PS brand name alone that it could secure victory. Sure, people at this site and many others have concured that XBox all the way THRU 2007 at least is going to be a better system, but we are only a small percentage of informed gaming fans that acually do research before buying a system. You wouldnt believe the idiotic reasons alot of people I run into at the bar or at the workplace or anywhere else justify purchasing a PS3. The mass general public doesnt know anything EXEPT THE NAME PLAYSTATION, and right now XBox has easily deserved a definate win, although I dont know if it will in the long run........

GaMr-4261d ago (Edited 4261d ago )

Out of the 24 million people. All the angry consumers that found out there will be no more games realeased on there system as it is now obsolete. And then on the other hand you have out of the 100,000 million and counting that bought the cheaper PS2 and wasnt forced into upgrading to PS3 and are still getting blockbuster titles to date. Not to mention acess to one of the largest game libraries to date. This is why the Playstation Brand Appeals to the majority of consumers. You people mite spin it all you want. Even nintendo fought it out to the end. Twilight Princes was also released on Gamecube and the upgrade console "wii" is alot cheaper than $299 or $399.But as far as the "Microsoft Brand" when it comes to gaming it will never be as strong as the Sony brand. Just because of that stunt they pulled last gen. You dont abandon consumers. They will hate you for it. So informed gamers could be as informed as they want. The average consumer wich makes up the majority of sales number is going to say. "I dont want this thing... didnt the other model go belly up". While Sony is still using PS2 as a gateway drug to PS3.

"Think outside the box" Biased as blinded so many people its amazing.

BIadestarX4261d ago

GaMr, what are you talking about? I already own a PS2. Do you think I would pay $600 to play PS2 games? The only games I would play for old consoles are RPG games due to story line. You people speak so much of back libraries as if people buy Next Gen consoles to play old games. Playing old games it's cool (Not $600 cool) and a nice thing to have, but how many PSOne games are you currently playing? If you own a PS3 how many PS2 games are you playing on your PS3? Microsoft didn't abandom anybody, the Xbox was doom and if they were sit their butt around like Sony did where would they be? I'm sure XBox owners didn't feel betrayed about Halo 2; which PS2 has gotten so much love than Halo 2? Isn't funny that Halo 2 a dead console game it's still played after years (something that no playstation game has done?) Xbox owners got their money worth.
"While Sony is still using PS2 as a gateway drug to PS3." Right... People are buying PS2 because they want to sniff their way into a PS3.

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