Xbox claims its Showcase will have no first party CG-only trailers

Xbox’s VP of Games Marketing has revealed that the upcoming Xbox Games Showcase will feature all in-game or in-engine footage for its first party titles.

sparky77118d ago

Sounds like it's going to be a show for the ages.

Flawlessmic118d ago

Always with the hyperbole lol

It'll be great that though, thats the important thing.

RpgSama118d ago

Now they say that, what about the one were they "showed" avowed, everwild, SOD 3, Fable, Hellblade 2, Perfect Dark, ALL CGI Trailers, when it's convenient for them that's a good thing, now they bloat about their "In-game" engine footage.

RaidenBlack118d ago

People criticized the all CGI Xbox showcase then as well as far as i can recall ... check the DF weekly at the time, DF criticized the cgi only announcements as well

RpgSama118d ago (Edited 118d ago )


Exactly, do not do it first and then make this announcement against it 2 years later.

amazinglover118d ago

Its called learning from feedback.

A lot of people complained about it, and they know they need to impress people with actual games.

It's not about whats "convenient for them", its about what they need to do to get people excited again f\or Xbox future.

Zhipp118d ago

I dunno about that but it at least seems like they've been listening to the feedback they've been getting over the past few years. That makes me a little more excited for the show after they said some games might be more than 12months out.

Sonic1881118d ago (Edited 118d ago )

I'm also curious will all their games be running on Xbox or PC? If Starfield is running at 60fps then we know it's running on a PC

Ashunderfire86118d ago

That’s what I was thinking 🤔 that Xbox will give us that running on PC using similar settings to Xbox Series X trick! To me that is more dishonest than a CGI trailer. We need to see something that takes true advantage of the Series X! That Xbox is screaming POWER!

umair_s51118d ago

A step in the right direction

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neutralgamer1992118d ago

Let’s hope for some great gameplay

No CGI isn’t a big thing because it could mean 2 minute gameplay trailers with very little information. I much rather see less games but see actually how they will be played

Godmars290118d ago

Sounds like "gameplay" will be mixed with CG. We'll be hearing from a lot of studio people praising their work, the industry, gamers and each other.

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Flakegriffin118d ago (Edited 118d ago )

Aaron Greenberg never lies. /s

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Tal169118d ago

Can't wait for this... HATE CGI trailers. I get it for older consoles like PS1, but with the power behind today's hardware, there is no excuse.

Father__Merrin118d ago

Cgi trailers are only good as quick teasers. Anything that likely releasing shortly has to be ganeplay

DOMination-118d ago

"In-Engine" trailers can be just as easily manipulated, controlled and edited in a way to completely mis-represent a game though.

Honestly I'd rather see 5-10 minute segments of a handful of games in a format similar to a state of play, where mechanics are explained and real gameplay with visible HUDs are shown than an hour of logo reveals and cinematic "in-game" trailers. Lets wait and see I guess.

darkrider118d ago

Up, let's wait and see what trick will Microsoft use this time.

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badz149118d ago


no surprise there. they will be using PC footage ultra settings for ALL their 1st party games, nothing new!

isarai118d ago

Exactly what I was thinking, MS always gotta use those technicalities. If they just straight up only show gameplay and real time trailers, I'll be stunned.

maniacmayhem118d ago

There's a diference between in game rendered scenes and CGI created from a PC.

RaidenBlack118d ago

yea, in-engine footage is in-engine footage, game's own engine ... showcase of what the game might look in real time when played on the console/pc
CGI is the one that doesn't use the game's own engine but a different renderer/software (non-real time), just to give an idea what the devs trying to target the game's look to be ...
Like the Star Wars Eclipse trailer ... that trailer was created wayy before the devs even started on the actual project.

JackBNimble118d ago

For who exactly?

MS has a lot to prove, they can not afford to screw up anymore . You better hope this showcase goes off without a hitch because even their loyal faithful fanbase are getting tired of the shit.