Tears of the Kingdom fends off Street Fighter 6 to retain No.1 | UK Boxed Charts

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom scores its fourth straight No.1 in the UK boxed charts. It comfortably holds off competition from Street Fighter 6, which debuts at No.2 in the UK charts. It's not a strong physical showing for the Capcom game, certainly when compared to the popularity of its Resident Evil games at boxed retail. However, the vast majority of its sales will come via digital channels, and so its boxed performance won't tell us a great deal on how the game has truly done. 79% of its boxed sales were on PS5, 13% on Xbox and 8% on PS4. When digital comes in, expect Xbox's share to be a little better.

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Knushwood Butt121d ago

Didn't notice anyone on my friend list playing SF6 over the weekend.

Knushwood Butt121d ago

I take it back. One person has it.

BriBri120d ago

That means it only sold one copy right?

P_Bomb120d ago

I saw a decent chunk of SF6ers this weekend. More Diablo peeps on early access tho. But still. Played some SF6 at a buddy’s place too. Got demolished lol. But I did better with Dhalsim than I expected to.

TheColbertinator120d ago

Depends on how your Friends List looks like. I've got tons of people on my list who are in the FGC scene and SF6 is their 2nd job at this point.

neutralgamer1992120d ago

Make quality games without all the micro transactions greed and it will sell but instead we have companies looking for the next big live service games

Hofstaderman120d ago

79% of sales on PS5. Now people will say what about digital sales which will be higher etc etc.The facts as they stand is that certain console owners do not buy games holding out hope that said games will release on a service. In the words of their own head, said service cannabilizes their own game sales. And then these clowns want to cry foul when publishers don’t want to release games on that platform. What a shitty position to be in.

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mocaak120d ago

Capcom didn't even bother with Xbox One versions of either RE4 or SF6, their biggest releases of the year. Yet some people are still questioning why Japanese publishers choose Playstation exclusivity.

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JEECE120d ago

Street Fighter 6 on PS5 outsold the PS4 version almost 10-1 (79% to 8%). This is getting absurd. Stop releasing crossgen games.

Can you imagine how embarrassing the split is going to get for crossgen games coming out this fall, and even next year? It could end up being 15-1 or 20-1.

gold_drake120d ago

damn, ps5 takes the bigger cake again

Eonjay120d ago

With PS4 included its 87%. They say to expect Xbox to do better when digital is counted but we should expect many digital PlayStation sales as well. I'm actually alarmed by this figure.

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shadowT13d ago

PS5 consoles are flying off shelves!


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