Win Three Months of PS Plus Premium Just for Being Good at Sackboy: A Big Adventure

The problem with being *literally* the best at Sackboy: A Big Adventure is that there are such few opportunities in which to demonstrate your hard-won mastery. Luckily, if you consider yourself to be a Sackboy connoisseur, one such instance is fast approaching, and it's the one we Sackheads have all been waiting for; the impending Sackboy: A Big Adventure Knit Speedrun Challenges.

A specific event will be held from June 24-25, in which the top 500 players to place in a global speed-run will each receive PlayStation Plus vouchers valid for 3 months of Premium or Deluxe membership.

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badz149118d ago

This is actually exciting! I myself is 1 trophy shy from Platinum and you guess it, that damn final trial run. The fire pit section always gets me.

SonyStyled118d ago

I’m a little bit behind you haha. To complete my 100% and platinum I still need 24hrs in create mode, acing the last level, and acing 10 levels in a row in LBP2. Yes I did say LBP2 lol

I’ll get to sackboy one day 🙂

badz149118d ago

I skipped LBP2 sadly and then went ahead and got LBP3. that too, had no time to play too much and left it unfinished. believe it or not, I'm now just halfway through Horizon ZD - from 2017! that's how much I'm behind in terms of my backlog! I'm playing both games simultaneously HZD and HFW right now haha. next will be GoW and Ragnarok!


Speedrunners Are Exploiting Sackboy's Time Trial Competition With Glitches

Sony announced a contest on Sackboy and the winners would win free PS Plus. However, speedrunners went beyond expectations to break records.

SullysCigar97d ago

That's how 99% of the people at the top of the leader boards do it.

Rynxie97d ago

It's cheating and they should be banned from it and any future tournaments.

If you're participating in a marathon and you cut away from the designated route and used a shortcut to get ahead, you're disqualified. The same should apply here.

ChronoJoe97d ago

Eh, glitches are fair game in 90% of the speedrun community, so it's really on the organisers if they want people to avoid that. They're not like, hacking the leaderboard or anything like that, they're just using movement exploits with the games traversal systems.

PunksOnN4G97d ago

its in the rules anyone doing any glitch will be removed and its as simple as that states it in the rules.

ChronoJoe96d ago

The article here says "One thing to note here is that Sony never mentioned the use of glitches, so their use may actually be allowed to some extent.".

PunksOnN4G96d ago

MY god people its in the TOS Glitches and using other BUGS is against the rules do you people even read i can even see it RIGHT NOW lol my god you people get the answers right in front of u a stil lact dumb LOL

97d ago

PlayStation Plus Throws Down The Gauntlet For Speedrunners In June

Sony is giving gamers the chance to test their gaming skills and win free 3-month PlayStation Plus Premium or Deluxe memberships as part of the PlayStation Plus Celebration.

All players have to do is play Sackboy: A Big Adventure on PlayStation 5 and complete the game as quickly as possible, and even those without a PlayStation Plus membership can take part in the challenge

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A Dive into the Best PlayStation 5 Co-Op Games So Far

Level up your friendship and take on epic challenges together with the best PS5 co-op games. Team up, laugh, and conquer the virtual world!

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FlavorLav01140d ago

Forgot to mention Destiny 2, A Way Out, Back4Blood, Ghost of Tsushima, Returnal, Elden Ring and many more

S2Killinit140d ago

Ghost of Tsushima for sure!

I hate that we get proper articles and somehow everyone is in the clickbait articles instead of articles like these.

On topic, good list of games.

Abnor_Mal140d ago

I still need to getting around to buying Sniper Elite5.

Great list of games for a good co op experience with friends, but I still prefer single player overall tho.

BrainSyphoned140d ago

Going with Nobody Save the World and both the Monster Hunter games.