Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg Shares Details on What You Can Expect from Xbox Game Showcase

The Xbox Game Showcase is coming in a week, followed by its Starfield Direct attachment, and Microsoft VP of Xbox Games Marketing Aaron Greenberg took to Twitter to share some information on what you can expect.

Flawlessmic115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

MS will have a cracker show, it's been a long time coming and well overdue and then some but I think they will hit nail on the head this yr.

Allowing myself to be excited for an Ms show for once which is nice for a change and besides it can't be any worse than what Sony game me this yr.

From Aaron
"None of our first party games in the show are full CG trailers. Everything is either in-game footage, in-engine footage, or in-game footage with some cinematics. Each of our trailers will be labeled so it is hopefully clear for our fans"

Well looks like they are listening atleast, confidence in the show just went up massively.

shinoff2183115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

Yall know what I prefer but I think ms does good. They literally have to. If they put out a show as vague as sonys it's gonna hit them. I personally don't need to see more of starfield and will avoid it until release. We'll imma try my damnest

__SteakDeck__115d ago

@Flawlessmic You’re acting like MS hasn’t had good shows over the last couple of years. MS had solid shows, it’s just that their games output have been disappointing.

Flawlessmic115d ago


Ms has been terrible on both fronts for me, showcase wise and game release wise.

Cgi trailers don't do it for me, if you classify those as good shows then more power to ya.

But Ms are well over due on both front and I feel like finally they will deliver, so I am excited for the show, even more so after Greenberg confirmed minimal cgi rubbish and all really time showings.

poppatron115d ago

Just control and manage your expectations. Every year my wife laughs at me so much for my unbridled optimism. There’s been so many “This is the year” and “They have to bring it this time”’s bandied around over the last decade it’s silly. But then always the same sad story post show.

She loves it😂😂😂.

Be great if we were right for once though. I’m expecting little, so hopefully that means I’ll be happy…? Who knows. I’m excited tgough

Ninver115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

It's too late in the Gen for MS to make any impact. No matter how amazing a show they put on it won't sway Nintendo and Sony console owners to buy the box.

Maybe with consecutive AAA releases they may get there.

Flawlessmic115d ago


I don't care for them winning then gen or anything, I own all consoles so it means nothing to me.

What I do care about is Ms finally giving me games that compete with the ones Sony and Nintendo give.

So a great show with spectacular games coming my way is all I want, whether that turns the tide for them I couldn't care less.

I just want great games

ravens52115d ago

I hope they have a great show. If they show Indiana Jones and it's GOOD and maybe a few other Good looking AAA games I may have to start a lil Xbox fund for the series X. Hopefully we see some great games at the Summer Games showcase too.

1Victor115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

@ flawless “MS will have a cracker show, it's been a long time coming and well overdue and then some but I think they will hit nail on the head this yr.”
I would temper down the expectations till after the show ends.

“in-engine footage, or in-game footage with some cinematics.”
Isn’t that👆 a fancy way to say game CG ? By that I mean in game cinematic, plus the news of showing games beyond the 18 month before release come to mind as according to Microsoft hell blade was in game cinematic 2 years ago.

Anyways as I did with Sony showcase I’ll wait till it finished and go without any expectations to be amazed then judge it as is not as I hoped it to be like many does online

GhostScholar114d ago

The fact that you have 27 downvotes simply for being excited for the showcase sums this site up. I think it will be a great show and definitely better than Sonys which won’t be hard to beat, but on here it’ll be 90 percent negative that’s just the nature of these type of forums.

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potatoseal115d ago

There will be multiple games? Got it Aaron, thanks pal

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RaidenBlack115d ago

Optimistically hoping that there'd be in-engine footage from Fable, State of Decay 3, Avowed & Perfect Dark.
Proper trailer for Indiana Jones project.
Release date/period of Senua II.
Everwild rebooted announcement.
Announcement of Machine Games' next FPS and Coalition's next project.
Reveal of inXile's, Compulsion Games' upcoming projects.
3rd party:
Hope there's something from STALKER 2, Contraband & Kojima ...

CBaoth115d ago

Machine games jumped the shark with their last game. Compulsion should've never been bought. Kojima's game is so far out I doubt we'll see anything there. After seeing the trailer for Dial of Destiny we can only pray that the game is good cuz goddamn the movie looks awful. With no TR or Uncharted on the horizon, we could use a good action adventure. I hope State of Decay is a bona fide sequel. Loved the 1st but the second was a shallow reskin. Love to see Avowed. Hopefully that's the banger in the bunch. And I know a lot people here like to complain about multiplats at these showcases but I love seeing them. Obviously got more 3rd party IPs on my respective wishlists than 1st party so bring'em on

potatoseal115d ago

Indiana Jones. hopefully. Fable and Avowed for me. Throw in some Senua looking serious and killing things and I'm good lol

AmUnRa115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

Aaron sayd Fable will not been showed read the interview..

Lightning77115d ago

Highly doubt Perfect Dark will be there. Rumors the game wasn't priority over at CD right now. I'll be very surprised if it's there.

Long shot hail Mary third party game that could show up.

IMO I think it's time. Ryse 2 announced and day one on Gamepass. I don't think it will be exclusive it'll be on PS5 and PC. Rumors go back to 2021 that Ryse 2 was in development. In fact one insider heard rumblings back in 2020. Last year Crytek mentioned Ryse and wanted to see how much interest people had in it plus job listings pointing at Ryse 2.

Here's hoping.

Snookies12114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

Perfect Dark and Fable. That's what I'm most looking forward to. (Don't know if either will be shown though.) Avowed would be cool as well, I almost forgot that existed lol. I'm hoping Starfield will be good, but it just hasn't grabbed my attention. I play a good bit of No Man's Sky, so that's kind of my space exploration fix right now.

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VenomUK115d ago

Console rivalry can be harmless. But when you have Aaron Greenberg the VP of Games Marketing trolling the PlayStation Showcase it energises the extremist fans.


potatoseal115d ago

He's extremely annoying. My most hated person at MS

LoveSpuds115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

Agreed!! The guy has had to keep his head down since the 360 era as they had fuck all to brag about and now, having bought a publisher, they have some games so here he comes. The guy is an absolute plum!!

Incidently, by taking pot shots at the PS event, he is also indirectly throwing shade at all of the 3rd party devs and publishers who's games were featured, honestly, he has no class and is a complete moron.

Lightning77115d ago

Why the hell would Sony show a movie trailer at a games showcase? I don't care about greendburg or any suit really but I think he's right in this case.

anast114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

Trolling from the loser's corner is an actual troll with Billy goats and bridges.

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potatoseal115d ago

It does and that probably means a lot of gameplay sequences I'm thinking. Good stuff

AngainorG7X115d ago

Yeah, they can always f**k it up though, but i’m optimistic this time

Wikkid666115d ago

30 to 40 minutes of that is Starfield

shadowT115d ago

GTA 6 reveal and a new Halo.

shinoff2183115d ago

Doubtful, and yea right. They Gonna let halo marinate awhile after infinite

__SteakDeck__115d ago

@shadowT Not a chance. Rockstar doesn’t need to be at anybodies showcase, they’re too big. Also GTA 6 will most likely have PS5 marketing.

Abracadabra115d ago

Enough with CGI trailers! If people want CGI, they go to the movies or streaming services.
Show gameplay or STFU...