Phantom Blade Zero Won't Have Microtransactions; Will Feature Souls-like Elements

Phantom Blade Zero won't feature microtransactions.; will have Souls-like elements but won't go "full throttle" on difficulty revealed via Q&A.

potatoseal119d ago

"Phantom Blade is a miserable place in general" - Hell yeah LOL Pour the misery all over me. Love the look of this game. I can't help but get my hopes up.

excaliburps119d ago

I really hope this plays as good as it looks.

119d ago
senorfartcushion119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

So the OTHER type of game big budget derivatives go to?

victorMaje119d ago

Combat looked really good. Loved the music too. Got my eye on you.

potatoseal119d ago

"Got my eye on you."

*video game blushes and turns to the side with a little smile*

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Phantom Blade Zero Demo Announced for 2024

Director of Phantom Blade zero confirms a 30 minutes playable demo of the project will be available on 2024!

ravens5263d ago (Edited 63d ago )

Nice!, hopefully early 2024.


I’d prefer a quicker launch, but feel free to accomplish both 🥰

raWfodog62d ago

Not always the case, but usually a demo is a sign of confidence from the devs that players will like the game.

blackblades62d ago

Well its not there 1st game and shows the game isn't years away.

Rikimaru-0062d ago

now that's what i'm talking about. really looking forward to this game.


Phantom Blade Zero Q&A - Dev Says Bosses are the Game's Highlights, Confirms Ray Tracing & PS5 Specs

We interviewed S-Game founder and CEO Soulframe Liang to learn all about the impressive Chinese Soulslike game Phantom Blade Zero.

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Lightning7765d ago

Please, please let this be a 2024 game. I need this in my life.

65d ago

It’s great to finally be able to play games made in China. No gamer wants to be isolated from such a vast pool of talent and creativity. It should be interesting to experience Chinese culture through a game for the first time.

The game obviously looks breathtaking, cannot wait to play, S-Game!


While Players Compare The Recent Xbox and Sony Showcases, I'm Just Happy To Have More Great Games

Ahmed from eXputer writes "While a lot of people compare the PS and Xbox showcases together, it's better to enjoy every unique experience these studios have to offer"

raWfodog80d ago

This article is making too much sense. It’s not gonna get very hot.

Lightning7780d ago (Edited 80d ago )

I still think Sony had the better 3rd party showcase. Metal Gear Alan Wake 2, Dragons Dogma 2 Immortals Of Aveum. MS for once since ever had the better 1st party showing. I say ever because those were 3rd party games MS was showing off during the 360 days.