Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Writer Teases What You Can Look Forward to in the Story

Square Enix is continuing to share more details about the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake sequel Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, this time focusing on the story.

jznrpg112d ago

Yeah I don’t want to know anything.

Becuzisaid112d ago

Don't worry the tweet had NOTHING in it about the story

shinoff2183112d ago

For the love of everything just please leave the gambit system out of it.

gold_drake112d ago

can we not please haha

i wanna stay as blind as possible


TGS 2023: Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Feels Bigger In All The Right Ways | Hardcore Gamer

It looks like Square Enix is doing its best to keep the momentum going with the Final Fantasy Remake trilogy. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is definitely more of what made the last game good, but it's also been expanded in a few key ways that'll further enhance players' experiences.

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Snookies122h ago(Edited 2h ago)

Man, I really hope they keep the Battle Square the same in Gold Saucer. I want those random debuffs and some awesome prizes! It would be amazing if you could still get Omnislash there.

Kurisu2h ago

*Gold Saucer Theme intensifies*

Magatsuhi1h ago

The action is so over the top. Why is cloud doing more than omni-slash? It's crazy how ham he's going so early in the game.

MrNinosan1h ago

This game will absolutely be in for the GOTY 2024 award, and damn I hope they can nab it.
This game has everything and so much more I could ever wish for in this project.


Tokyo Game Show 2024 Dates & Japan Game Awards 2023 Future Division Announced

With the conclusion of Tokyo Game Show 2023, the CESA reached out with a press release with details about the show and its 2024 edition, on top of the Japan Game Awards.

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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Gets Spectacular Gameplay Showing Capturing Chocobos, Piano Playing, More

Today Square Enix showcased plenty of gameplay of the upcoming second game of the Final Fantasy VII Remake series, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

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Barlos1d 7h ago

Looks good, but a stable 60fps would be nice please. I played FFXVI in the 30fps mode and just couldn't get used to it. I am hoping SE can deliver something better with FFVII Rebirth

MrNinosan1d 4h ago

It has performance mode 60fps.
I'll rather olay 4k 30 thou, and from everything that has been shown of Rebirth last week, it's a game aimong for GOTY and I think it will have a big chance on that.

Can't stand the wait for 29th of February.

Babadook71d 1h ago (Edited 1d 1h ago )

Those production values! Looks gorgeous. I love how the world map and every dungeon and town are one seem-less environment here.