Where Are All The Wiis, DS Lites? Nintendo Exec Has The Answer

Hard-core and casual Nintendo fans anxious for new systems and games will need to brave an emptier-than-planned winter, according to Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime.

During a quick interview at last week's Design Innovate Create Entertain (DICE) conference, the Nintendo executive laid out plans to satisfy some of the highest-profile and some of the more obscure wants of the growing collection of Nintendo fans.

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Covenant5705d ago

Nintendo had better be careful. They may waste the momentum they established for the Wii during Christmas. Consumers are getting frustrated...and they may turn to other options. Let's hope that by April, they're more plentiful. I'll buy one later this year.

The Snake5705d ago

I got my Wii about 3 weeks ago from a department store I frequent about 5 times a week before I go to work. I checked for a Wii every day and one day they had a shelf of about 20 of them. I bought mine then and there and when my co-worker went after he got off 2 hours later they were all gone. This is ridiculous.