The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game dev tells fans that demanding content is "not how Hollywood works"

The director of upcoming The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game wants us to know that Hollywood licensing is "a total mess" so Gun Interactive probably can't add your favourite Texas Chain Saw character into the game.

CEO Wes Keltner broke the news on Twitter, offering a "friendly reminder" to players that despite their demands, Gun can't add just any character or location from the movie series' considerable back catalogue because it doesn't "have those rights".

shinoff2183109d ago

His game being multi-player won't get no money from me. If they'd did this right it could've made for an awesome ass single player experience. Man what could've been !

Vengeance1138108d ago

Nice double negative there lol so it will get money from you?

Asplundh108d ago

I don't really see a single player game working. Most of the movies revolve around one house and there is only only a hand full of villains, they would have to get really creative to keep it from getting stale.

potatoseal108d ago

I mean, would they be allowed to make a game with you playing as a guy with a Chainsaw and murdering innocent people? I don't think so. But I guess you mean, you, the protagonist, is running away and avoiding the Murderer. But what would the gameplay look like if that is your only enemy?

CrimsonWing69108d ago

It could be like a survival horror game where leather face is like nemesis. Maybe heavy on puzzles to get away and a narrative unfolds.

Point is, it can be done.

Asplundh108d ago (Edited 108d ago )

And where is this going to take place at? There is so much they could do with puzzles around a farm house with characters that are Inbred.

CrimsonWing69108d ago


It can take place wherever they want. I mean we've seen games in farm like areas in the Outlast sequel. RE7 takes place literally just around the Baker's complex is. Hell, Jack could be similar to how Leather Face works.

This is where a team comes up with ideas. It's not impossible at all.

PapaBop107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

Expand the setting, make it Texas Chainsaw Clock Tower. Obviously not point and click but capture that feeling from the old Capcom series where the killer/s are hunting their prey. They could do a bonus mode where you play the killers or even just add MP function to that. What they shown in the showcases looked like they really nailed the feel for TCM with the moody setting but MP game when DBD has so much content and potential content was a huge mistake.

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maniacmayhem108d ago

Disagree completely. I don't see how a single player game would have worked given what this is based on.

+ Show (1) more replyLast reply 107d ago

I see the same fate as Friday the 13th

PapaBop107d ago

It's inevitable. They are making the exact same mistake, how can they compete with DBD when they only have one license and from the sounds of it, are extremely limited with additional content they can add? Meanwhile DBD announce Nicolas Cage because why the ef not!

Black-Helghast108d ago

it's sad that Dead by daylight is still king of these type of games and dbd is literally a toxic facecamping fest

gleepot108d ago

I think facecamping is being addressed soon

monkey602107d ago

I know. I didnt even like DBD. I vastly preferred both Friday 13th and Evil Dead


Dead Space vet leaves studio he founded after The Callisto Protocol flops

Three executives are leaving The Callisto Protocol developer Striking Distance Studios following the game's commercial underperformance, including studio co-founder and Dead Space veteran Glen Schofield.

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-Foxtrot20h ago

I didn't mind The Callisto Protocol but the DLC really soured me, made everything feel pointless

Also these types of articles...why are we allowing articles where you need to pay to read the entire thing on here.

GodsSon907h ago

That sucks. I’m enjoying it so far.

RaidenBlack1h ago

Having a hunch ... Glen Schofield might boomerang back to EA or Activision.
Or what if Sony lets them form a new studio under PS umbrella?

Vengeance11386h ago

Loved Callisto Protocol alot though it did walk a little too closely in Dead Space's shadow. Would be great to see them seperate more in a sequel.

P_Bomb5h ago

Schofield’s gone, among others? How long before they shutter? I platinumed it, wasn’t the worst game.

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