Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Will Feature "Wide and Multifaceted World" & "High Degree of Freedom"

Square Enix has shared more details about the world that you'll be able to enjoy in the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake sequel Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

Magog113d ago

Sleeper GOTY? Might be for me.

KwietStorm_BLM113d ago

I don't think I ever seen sleeper and FFVII mentioned together.

CrimsonWing69113d ago

You haven’t, lol. I’m not sure if that guy up above knows what a “sleeper hit” is.

Sonic1881113d ago

GOTY in 2024? It depends what comes out in 2024

Magog113d ago

Last they said it was winter 2023 release. I could see them pushing it back to let FF16 have some breathing room though.

Kurisu113d ago

They never said Winter 2023. They just said "Next Winter" on the trailer, which could mean late 2023 or 2024. I think in their head it was always going to be 2024.

Becuzisaid113d ago

So how much game do with think we're getting here? Ends at City of the Ancients? All the way to the emergence of the Weapons? This is going to be such a dense game!

franwex113d ago

I’m thinking temple of the ancients.

RpgSama113d ago


We all know where they will leave this game/part at, curious to see if they change it in any way.

gold_drake113d ago

nah i doubt it.
they would never leave out the high point of the og story only to stop right before that lol

blitz0623113d ago

It'll most likely end after the Crater. The player is left wondering what happened after everything collapses and the weapons were unleashed. It would make for a great ending, leaving the player in despair, kinda like Empire strikes back in star wars

Name Last Name113d ago (Edited 113d ago )

My prediction is that they end it at City of the ancients but Aerith will live this time. And then the third game will be completely different from the OG with Zack coming in somehow.

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Lionsguard113d ago

It makes the most sense story-wise to end after the Weapons emerge. That's usually how these 2/3 part stories usually end when the heroes are at their worst point.

Becuzisaid113d ago

I replayed the original shortly after Remake and I agree, after the Weapons came in like that's the perfect cliff hanger ending to propel the third game

Nebaku113d ago

This is an extreme prediction, but I'm going to throw out the idea of -

Remake - Up to leaving Midgar
Rebirth - Rest of FF7 (I.e. defeating Sephiroth/Stopping Meteor)
Re??? - Playable version of Advent Children.

Because otherwise it make no sense to split up the "open world" part of FF7 into two games. Especially after Part 1 created the chapter system, and was incredibly linear.

Snookies12113d ago

It would be cool to get some after-story stuff in the last part. But, there is no way they could fit the rest of FF VII into Rebirth.

Becuzisaid113d ago

Nothing wrong with extreme predictions. This is all just for fun anyways and no one knows exactly what's going to happen, though people like to pretend they know better than others.

I hope they don't do anything with Advent Children personally, and don't think they would considering FF7 Remake trilogy is a sequel to all the FF7 Compilation that came before it.

If they did what you think and actually cap off the whole rest of FF7 in Rebirth, then game 3 could be like a multiverse situation where the characters of this timeline merge with the characters of Zack's new timeline in all the flash backs (flash sides??) A brand new adventure we've never experienced and has no game to follow, but finished Sephiroth off for good in all timelines.

gold_drake113d ago

i feel like right after Northern crater.
would have alot of impact.

Fiddlerblue113d ago

I would guess either end of OG's disc 1 or right after the northern crater when everything seems hopeless.

repsahj113d ago

Please let them introduce weapons already! I cant wait for that moment! How about the other summons? I'm curious what the "knights of the round" will look like. But maybe that summon is an end game summon.

-Gespenst-112d ago

I mean it'll be when Sephiroth kills you-know-who. You'll probably have to fight him at the Forgotten City

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Hofstaderman113d ago

Well I’ve been sold since the first game.

Hofstaderman113d ago (Edited 113d ago )

I would love to see how they handle the world map dynamics or if it will move from town to town sequentially. Remake was limited to Midgar but I’m not worried as the first game essentially embodies how I imagined FF7 to be while first playing the original oh so many years ago.

Babadook7113d ago (Edited 113d ago )

“Wide and Multifaceted World" & "High Degree of Freedom"

As it should be at this stage in the story. Looking forward to the first look at this.

gold_drake113d ago

not rly.
you're not "free" just becaus eu leave midgar lol.
u are free when u get the air ship, or the buggy.
otherwise a pretty streamline experience

Becuzisaid113d ago

Yeah I agree. Even though you're in the world map after midgar in the original you're still gated by necessary transport options. Can't cross the swamp until you get a cocobo, can't cross rivers until you get the tiny bronco, can't cross the ocean until you hop on the ship from Juno. Once you get the Highwind then it's freedom.

Babadook7113d ago (Edited 113d ago )

“you're not "free" just becaus eu leave midgar lol.
u are free when u get the air ship, or the buggy.
otherwise a pretty streamline experience“

I disagree.

You have multiple towns accessible quite soon after leaving.

And in this part we definitely expect to get a buggy, and a chocobo.