Live A Live sequel was planned during the DS era, hope for the future

Live A Live director Takashi Tokita comments on how there were plans for a sequel during the DS era and gives hope for Live A Live 2.

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sadraiden116d ago

The DNA of Live A Live is alive and well. You saw the same kind of game structure from Saga Frontier 1+2, plus Octopath Traveler 1+2. It would make sense if they wanted to revisit Live A Live one day.


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shinoff2183113d ago

They jerked us in the west on numerous jrpgs. I get it the times we're different but it sucks knowing how many jrpgs we missed over a translation. Not just from square either. I like square doing these. I'd prefer beefed up graphical over hd2d but hd2d is pretty dope to so I won't hate. Keep em coming square.

Some physicals wouldn't hurt though wth

jznrpg112d ago

Give me physical NA PS5 version and I’ll buy it


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