Subway Restaurants Will Have Kids Dancing At Their Tables With DanceDanceRevolution Premiums

IGN writes: "Kids can dance into the New Year at SUBWAY restaurants with the all-new DanceDanceRevolution promotion. Konami and SUBWAY restaurants today announced a partnership that will help promote a healthy lifestyle for children by delivering the fun and excitement of Konami's best-selling get-up-and-move video game to children everywhere. From December 29, 2008 thru March 29, 2009, participating SUBWAY restaurants will offer one of six exclusive, high quality DanceDanceRevolution branded premium toy accessories along with a $10 coupon good on any of the newest DanceDanceRevolution games with each purchase of a SUBWAY FRESH FIT FOR KIDS meal."

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ArtisianDragon5191d ago

You know this kind of sucks if your an adult and like DDR, if I go in there not going to make a fool of myself by buying a kids meal to get that coupon. Then again, their hasn't been another DDR to this date that I've wanted. Many have become so butchered and skewed it's not really fun anymore. To many of a few American songs are kind of running the buzz for me, and to few Jpop and JRock songs.

What Konami should do is go the Rock band and Guitar Hero route by making a DDR game PS3, Wii, and 360 and offer DLC for it. That way no one will have to worry about picking up another copy to play songs they want to and Konami won't have to waste their time doing more of the discs. Of course if this happens I'd like a create-a-character mode just as well.

f7897905191d ago

besides it could be for my kid...............or I just want the coupon with some food.

Heldrasil5191d ago (Edited 5191d ago )

I think I'll have me a big greasy American burger value meal with no toy instead. Subway really is not that great...worst sandwich chain around....if it takes you eating out to have a "healthy lifestyle", then you are living a pretty sh!tty life.