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Red Matter 2 from Vertical Robots is a visual VR tour de force on PSVR 2. And every other platform it's on — PC and Meta — too. Vertical Robot takes over the technical prowess of Red Matter and makes full use of the capabilities of the PSVR 2 headset, and delivers an incredibly smooth VR experience.

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SullysCigar113d ago

THE best game to show the PSVR2 capabilities off - which is saying something when GT7, Resident Evil Village and Kayak VR: Mirage exist. It's stunning. Oh, and a great game, as you can tell by the scores.

victorMaje112d ago

When I first pressed forward on the right stick:
Oh what hey heeeyyy wow.

potatoseal111d ago

That sounds just like my Dad, only very enthusiastic. It blew his mind when I showed him. I still haven't really played it yet, but that's only because I'm finishing up some others first

Magog112d ago

PSVR2 already has such an amazing catalog and it just came out.

SullysCigar112d ago

Constant new releases, too. I still see articles saying the library is 'small' or 'limited' and I'm wondering if they've looked since launch - there are over 100 games on the store now, and I'm still obsessed with a bunch of the launch titles!

I can't tear myself away from GT7, Walkabout Mini Golf and Pavlov to play much else, so trying to get through my backlog to grab the newer games is damn near impossible. I make exceptions for games like Red Matter 2, because they're too good to put off!

potatoseal111d ago

Oh man, I've got so many vr games its crazy. Plus my normal games on PS5. There is so much to play these days

sushimama109d ago

This does look nice. I would even play this with no VR


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