Retail speaks out after nightmare week for Sony

With only five weeks until PS3's launch, games retail has expressed concern at the shock exit of Sony's commercial director Kevin Jowett – and highlighted major worries over PS3 margins and SCE UK's in-store strategy...

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THAMMER15703d ago

I mean this is getting sad. I feel like we are in the most difficult console generation ever. We have die-hard fans of the leader who are confused and the upstart is having trouble reminding us of what games are about.

Sony’s higher ups are jumping ship and gamers are turning on each other. Games consoles should not be all political. The easy solution is to buy what you want and play what you want and let the executives duke it out for #1.

I hate that Sony is in this position. My PS1 made life so fun and those days are missed. But not to the point I would limit my current experience with the 360. I'm not happy that this is making so much of us crazy. I want the fight to stop. The sooner the better.

Karebear5703d ago

I'm so sick of people jumping on every little rumor that comes out that is anti-this or anti-that and blowing it out of proportion. I own a PS3 and love it! I also tell people if they don't have an HDTV don't bother getting the PS3 or xbox360. Alot of my non HD TV friends all went with the Wii to tide them over till they could afford a new TV set.

Its really all about what you need, when you need it, and the price point at which you can afford it. Having a 1080p capable DLP TV and a huge library of PS1 and PS2 games, it was a no brainer to go with the PS3 for me.

Monchichi0255702d ago

The reason for this is that we our living in a different generation. We live in a time when we can now communicate freely with thousands of people within seconds, causing more opinions and stronger opinions to come out. If you don't like it, just log off of the internet and join the stone age. It is what it is man......and it's only gonna get worse!!

dantesparda5702d ago

Wow! i actually agree with THammer, i actually respect what you just said. But i know its just a a post or two before its back to the old antics. If you want it to stop then you gotta start with yourself and try to convince others to stop also. Its the only way. But this is all just hopeful thinking. I really do wish that this would stop though.

TheMART5703d ago

The rats are jumping of the ship in a major way

grifter0245703d ago

Nice tv Kare.. but I would have thought you would go the other way dont you think. I got a 1080p lcd hdtv..and I love the games in the xbox360.. Even thought I play them in 720p they still look good.. Espically the hddvd's in 1080p thru vga.. But you gotta remember no games out yet are 1080p so really saying you tv wasnt really necessary. Now the library is cool.. But I never liked any games on the ps1.. the ps2 had better games but are not most games coming out for ps3 sequals ?? I dont gripe about graphics since I still play on my saturn(Panzer Dragoon) and my n64(Mario RPG) but still I dont see what is so special about the ps3.. People say bluray is the best cool thats what they think but whatever.. I just bought an oppo upconvert dvd player that upconverts my whole library into 1080p and they look phenominal .. But hey whatever floats your boat.. lata

Karebear5703d ago

Upconverted normal DVD's are no comparison to true BluRay 1080p movies. At 61 inches I can really see the digital artifacting in regular DVDs and no amount of upconverting can help that. You simply can't force more data to happen where there isn't any in the source to begin with. Watching a movie that is in true 1080p is simply amazing. I can see the little colored striations in peoples eyes its so clear.

That being said I'm also planning for the future. The 1080p games will come as soon as games are developed for the PS3 and not developed on the Xbox360 SDK and ported over. That's not a knock against Xbox360, thats an acknowledgement that the two architectures are so dissimilar that a port will never be as good as the original without major reworking.

tomfoolery5703d ago (Edited 5703d ago )

ps3s comment to the 360.

Rasputin20115702d ago

Why have soo many people become so f**king political about video games like fanboys will damn near battle each other in the street because the other person likes the other guys console(I.e sony vs microsoft) and son on and so forth... Like I own a xbox360 I only bought it because I could not come up with the money for a PS3 but little did I know that I would really enjoy the xbox360 and It totally opened my eyes to the fact that I lost touch with what makes me enjoy playing video games...which is the GAMES not who made the console I am playing the games on...its the GAMES how they look, how they play, what they are about etc etc

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