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WTMG's Ghostpia: "This story isn’t finished, but the first season of Ghostpia has enthralled and entranced me. I want to know more, to figure it all out, and to see if I’m correct in my theories. I want to hear more music, explore more boundaries, see Clara and Mr. Patel and the highly upsetting Renja continue their story. As off kilter of a “game” as this might be, it’s nonetheless a heady dose of high strangeness, a cafe blend of Twin Peaks meets Watamote with a fair dash of When Our Journey Ends and just a touch of existential crisis. Like a great book, it leaves you filled, curious, and eager for more. The yearning for explanation, for connection, and the very real taste of loneliness cloaked in dry humor is what will keep me waiting at the station. The next train will surely bring me home."

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ghostpia Season One review - Games Asylum

Games Asylum: "PQube’s latest visual novel has a haunting, melancholic, and unsettling tone, entailing a glitchy children’s storybook that often spills out into violence and bloodshed. It’s a tale of female friendship with a lovely melodic soundtrack smashed together with trauma, a bit of John Wick, and some discordant electronic bleeps and bloops."

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mastershredder100d ago

Maybe one day Pqube will grow out of anime (which is every game ...based out the UK... ick).


ghostpia Season One Nintendo Switch Review | NoobFeed

NoobFeed Editor Megan Cooke writes - ghostpia is a beautiful experience, and an unfinished one with the potential for season two hovering in the distance, but considering the high price and amount of reading necessary, it is not something I can recommend to most people. For gamers who enjoy reading or art, it may be worth the investment: there is a lot of content, with each of the five chapters being split into two halves and the entire story is intriguing.

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Yui_Suzumiya111d ago

A masterpiece that everyone should experience.


Ghostopia Season 1 Review: A Weird and Wayward Eternal Winter | Hey Poor Player

Ghostpia Season 1 undeniably has some of the best visuals of any visual novel that I've seen in years, and its dreamy soundtrack compliments it wonderfully. Unfortunately, its strange choice of protagonists, tendency to focus on unimportant details, and habit of changing tone too quickly make it hard to digest all that easily.

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