Nintendo Entertainment Podcast – Episode 331 -Give Me What I Want!

The Nintendo Entertainment Podcast is here! And the guys decide to talk about the future by detailing what they want from the Switch successor!

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Super Snail Review - Hardcore Droid

Super Snail stands out with its idle, but exploratory missions, addictive minigames and humor that can likely make any player laugh.

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It Looks Like Starfield Has Major Accessibility Problems

Content creator and accessibility consultant Steve Saylor points out a massive lack of accessibility in Bethesda’s latest RPG

InUrFoxHole28d ago

Face palm... Jesus we are reaching

Sashamaz28d ago

You think a disabled fan asking for more accessibility features is reaching? Are their criticism of the game less relevant than anyone else's?

InUrFoxHole28d ago

Reaching as in a major issue.

raWfodog28d ago

I don’t think it’s ‘reaching’ but I wouldn’t call it a ‘major’ problem either. It’s nothing that can’t be fixed with an update.

Ps5conehead28d ago

As a disabled person your comment is way out of line. Don’t take anything for granted

InUrFoxHole28d ago

Let me expand on lol so it doesn't seem like I'm a dick. While I get it man... disabled people get shafted time to time or maybe often on features I don't think it's a major issue that can't be fixed. Lol is for the taking anything for granted. I'm good on that front. We'll aware how the body works

Fonsecap28d ago

I don't know about accessibility but it needs desperately for QoL changes...


Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Is Now Targeting Summer 2024 at the Earliest, But Late 2024 Is More Likely

Giant Bomb's Jeff Grubb shared an update on BioWare's internal release window for Dragon Age: Dreadwolf after yesterday's layoff news.

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