Some Diablo 4 fans are already simping over Lillith

Yes.. really.

anast121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

The answer to sell more stuff is to enhance whichever sexual organ whichever crowd is the most interested. We have never been modern.

masterfox121d ago

lol great news or a great new low, choose your poison :D

Sonic1881121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

Have anyone noticed the prices for cosmetics and microtransactions in this game? The prices are insane 😳 is this the new standard in pricing 😃

Terry_B121d ago

simply be smart, love the game but ignore any cosmetic shit. ..never pay for any cosmetic dlc.

Jin_Sakai121d ago

This. You don’t have to buy the cosmetics.

Sonic1881121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

They have some bad a$$ outfits as well but ain't no way I'm spending $25.99 dollars for a outfit 😂 this game has a lot of Diablo Immoral inspirations in it

dumahim121d ago

Paying for cosmetics has always baffled me, but in this game, doubly so. You're so small on the screen. Can anyone really tell what type of gloves or boots someone is wearing? You can make out a helm and maybe the chest armor, but I'm guessing color is far more noticeable.

Flakegriffin121d ago

Exactly. Speak louder with your wallet by not paying for those outrages prices.

CrimsonWing69121d ago

Yea it’s so wild to me people just can’t do this… it’s as a simple as that.

S2Killinit121d ago

$ 26 FOR AN OUTFIT?!?!


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anast121d ago

Yeah, it's Diablo Immortal like. People can also pay to advance 20 levels. They actually give you an option to pay not to play the game.

Terry_B121d ago

Thats...nasty. Can only recommend to..never pay for anything like that..but you know how humans are...

NotoriousWhiz121d ago

"People can also pay to advance 20 levels."

This is not possible in Diablo 4.

Kados121d ago

Too bad they won't sell me some lingerie for Lillith. That would actually be worth the cost.

EvertonFC121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

It's always like this but nobody ever reports it.
Some examples;
1) Rocket league: £17 for 1 goal explosion
2) EA PGA tour golf: £17 for 1 item club or tickets etc (granted it's easy to get to free with a round or 2 but clearly some gamers are too lazy)
3) my beloved GT7, I've ONLY got 13 cars left to collect, so out of curiosity I thought I'd see how much the last 13 cars would be to buy (20m cars ONLY left). An astonishing £220.

anast121d ago

I still need to play GT7. I haven't played a racer in ages.

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