Sony’s Live Service Triple-Down Is A Dangerous Road For PlayStation

While Microsoft has struggled to produce first-party hits anywhere close to the scale of PlayStation, Sony itself is no longer satisfied with just selling tens of millions of copies of critically acclaimed games. They want to get into live service.

Magog121d ago

People complain but CoD, Fifa, Fortnite, etc is all casuals play. Then there is the hardcore crowd playing Destiny, Ovewatch, Dota etc. 90% of people's game time is on these "second job" games so Sony would be crazy to not try their hand at it. They are still pumping out the best single player and VR games in the business so there is something for everyone.

shinoff2183121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

While I don't like it I think your right magog , they'd be dumb to not try. Personally I haven't really seen these multi-player games taking away from the single player game studios all like that besides naughty dog, but I believe that was being worked on well before sonys decision to go try gaas games. We're not gonna miss out on single player games like some would have you believe.

Just wanted to add. I don't play any online gaas game, I do dabble in madden and 2k when their cheap enough but single player sh only. The rest of I can kick rocks but I understand millions fall in

-Foxtrot121d ago

This isn’t really “trying” though it’s literally going all on in

Trying would be doing like one game to start off with but they are literally wanting 10 GaaS games by 2025 or something.

It’s insane and worrying

No one wants to see Sony part of the GaaS crowd

If their GaaS stuff is successful we’ll be waiting longer for single player games as the other teams will be busy

Hofstaderman121d ago

I agree with you. Sony built their success on single player story driven games and this direction will definitely reduce those if successful. This is a sign of what happens when Sony has absolutely no competition in their space. MS needs to step up for ALL our sakes. And Sony needs to consider a new CEO for next gen, Jim Ryan served his purpose well but we need somebody with Layden’s outlook going forward.

121d ago
Flakegriffin120d ago

What people want and what people get are two different things.

senorfartcushion120d ago

It’s annoying how people resort to “well I can’t blame them.”

Well, they can blame them. It’s potentially terrible news for their AAA output. It means that we will go from:

Spider-Man, Wolverine, God of War, Uncharted and The Last of Us


Live service game, Spider-Man 2, Wolverine 2, Live Service Last of Us game, Live Service game, Live Service game, Live service game.

Sacrifices have to be made to incorporate these live service games into Sony’s yearly schedules.

S2Killinit120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

I have zero issues with Playstation making live service games. They need to have them unless you want them to fall behind. Whether you or me like it or not, live service games are a thing. As long as PlayStation understands its consumers and continues to deliver its mega single player stories, it cannot avoid live service either when the competition is all focused on it.

Imalwaysright120d ago


Falling behind whom? Tencent is the only publisher that is more profitable than Sony. Sony's focus on single player has done wonders for them and that's perhaps because single player games allow for more consistency in terms of revenue/profit than live service games whose space is usually dominated by a handful of games that are extremely successful while the vast majority of them are miserable failures.

1Victor120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

I find it disingenuous that it’s “a dangerous road for Sony “ while Microsoft get a pass ( no pun intended) for doing the exact same thing in worse form 🤦🏿
If the game is as fun as Warhawk (PS first online only mmo) or Starhawk its sequel I will play it.
There’s no harm on trying a game and see if you like it after you did your homework on it and maybe try a demo

derek120d ago

@Foxtrot, Sony is trying to create a variety of games that appeal to a variety of tastes. Why go half-heartedly into something that you want to succeed in. They are looking for growth so they're making an investment now they hope will payoff down the road.

shinoff2183120d ago

Succes could equal more staff. So we truly don't know.

Knushwood Butt120d ago

MAG was cool too.

The big difference is Warhawk and MAG were a one-time cost, and you never hit any paywalls. I think Warhawk may have had a bit of DLC, but it was optional and not essential or pay to win.

These days you have to go into these games knowing you'll have to pay to keep playing.

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Stanjara121d ago

It would be crazy. The problem is that their first party single player studios are making these and wasting time with it.
Veteran devs and talent will flee, just like in Bioware, 343 studios, Bethesda...

example: Omg I work at Naughty Dog I can't believe... the best single pla...
ND: Ok guys so we hired you because we are making Live service microtransac.... Co op... game with support for 10 years... are you excited?

Veteran dev: No fuck that...I made Joel, see you never ND
New developer: Ok but I don't know how a dog works in a game... it jumps I guess.

ND: We need more of these new talent guys... hire more!

Game releases, doesn't work... end up broken. Red Fall

Sony: Shuts down the project and all the devs... NOW it promises single player game that will release in the next 8 years.

Me: What a waste of time.

Shane Kim121d ago

You could rival Stephen King with a nice, made up story like that. Now lets wait and see what actually happens.

Magog120d ago

Naughty Dog have made multi-player a part of their games forever.

derek120d ago

@Stan, it was naughty dog who pursued a bigger multi-player game than what was originally planned not Sony. Sony has purchased mostly new studios to support this move into gaas to create new games not buy existing ip

Saigon120d ago

The only problem with this argument is that ND already stated they are working on a new single-player experience.

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TOTSUKO121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

Interesting. I just realized about the fact that Sony revealed Fairgame$ (Haven Studios) and Concord (Firewalk) at the showcase at all. That means Bungie approved what they saw right?

I’m just trying to connect the dots. Those two studios were acquired after the Bungie deal. Deviations game was cancelled and they’re obviously not acquired. Would it be crazy to think Bungie has almost full control building Sonys whole Live Service talent pool too?

Fiddlerblue120d ago

The last Sacred Symbols podcast episode seemed to suggest that yes, Bungie passed Haven and Firewalk's games but failed Factions. Dustin Furman's theory is that Naughty Dog are such perfectionists and take so long to release anything that Bungie might've been skeptical that they could keep up a pace of content release that would keep players engaged.

Bobertt120d ago

Hardcore aren't playing Destiny and Overwatch.

senorfartcushion120d ago

Stop talking in a business-sense. You don’t work for them in one of their higher up divisions.

You buy the games.

This means that your consumer complaints and sulking can lead to Sony NOT copying crappy live service game companies.

badz149120d ago

I will reserve my judgement on this issue for now. it's not like Sony suddenly stop making SP games and put all their focus on Live Service games. I don't get all the melodramatic articles about Sony now all in with GAAS nonsense! they are taking a dip at it just because everybody else is already in. let's start worrying if they stop making SP games. let's not forget Sony is also in the middle of a big VR push too right now.

shinoff2183120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

That's pretty much where I'm at. I dont like the games i think there a wasteof time and a money pit . If I see single player games slow down or halt I'll have issue. I personally don't think that'll happen. It seems most of these games are being handled by the new studios they've gotten over the last few years. Like I mentioned in my post up top. Factions was being developed for awhile now.

DeusFever120d ago

“hardcore crowd playing Destiny, Ovewatch, Dota etc.”

Destiny sure. Destiny is set up to be played everyday (or quit forever). But not Overwatch. Until Blizzard started selling new characters, you could jump in at any time and have the same abilities as anyone else. Even now, I doubt most people finish battle passes. Overwatch is super casual for the vast majority of players. Don’t know bout Dota. That’s a PC thing.

DarXyde120d ago

Sony is in a bit of an experimental phase right now. On one hand, they're managing it well by having their new studios work on that stuff while the veteran PlayStation studios are (presumably) keeping up with their usual activities, even if we don't know what they are. I find that to be very well coordinated. On the other hand, where I think they're messing up is the volume of service games all at once. I can get the point of trying to see what people are into and giving them choice, but that's a lot.

sadraiden120d ago

I guess the people complaining hate that the industry caters to casuals when it created the hardcore fanbase organically over 30 years.

Spenok120d ago

The only thing I care about is that they CONTINUE to make proper single player games. And they HAVE confirmed they will. Although them saying they will push their business towards MORE Live Service and LESS SP is what worries me.

I will give them the benefit of the doubt though. They haven't done me wrong in over a decade.

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Vengeance1138121d ago

What exactly is wrong with a company experimenting in new avenues and trying to strengthen an area in which they are non-existent in that typically makes a ton of money.

EvertonFC121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

Exactly, if Sony wasn't making those 10 games the media would say "Sony being left behind, NO way back" articles 🤣😂
I just see it as Sony or other companies expanding there library of games to more gamers of all ages etc.
Apparently that's a bad think in 2023.

CS7120d ago

One thing is experimenting. Another thing is reducing the quantity of what your known for and good at.

“Back in 2019, Sony was investing 88% of its budget in single-player games, with 12% allocated for live service titles. This year, the publisher expects just 45% of its budget in traditional games and a bigger 55% in live service according to the latest financial results. That investment is set to increase to 60% by FY25”


Does that sound like experiementing to you?

Their last showcase had three new MP IPs and no new single player games from their studios.

Does that sound like experimenting to you?