FF7 Rebirth devs currently working on nailing down a release date for the game

The Final Fantasy VII Official Twitter account shared an update on the development progress for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

Chance_of_Raine120d ago

I'll do it for them. When it's ready. That's when the release date is.

RaidenBlack120d ago

FF IX Remake rumors are trending again as well ...

Goosejuice120d ago

I loved 9 but I feel like that would be a little harder for remake just based on the style of the game. 8 would make for a good remake though. 9 just has a more cartoon style to it that would make a remake a little weird imo

shinoff2183120d ago

Ff9 could easily be remade. Just remake it as is. Don't touch a single thing. Some of us old school ff fans just want beefed up graphics.

jznrpg120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

@shinoff2183 I agree just enhance the graphics even don’t need full blown remake even just touch it up I’d be happy.
Something more than a remaster and less than a full remake I would be happy

Goosejuice120d ago

Rumors are of a remake though..not a remaster. I'd be down for a remaster of 9 but a remake? Idk.

jznrpg120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

Love 9 one of my favorites. I’d buy a remake day 1.

They should remake 8 though it needs it the most after 7.

Hopefully they keep some of these turn based as in my opinion they don’t need to change the battle systems for all of them.

I do like FF7R combat but it would be nice to have some fully turn based as well

CBaoth119d ago

said this before here amigo. Square should remake 1-6 turn based and 7-12 (minus 11) active combat. That way they could placate both groups of fans without losing either

RPGer120d ago

I like the new Square Enix they keep their optimistic expectations for their self and only annouce release date when the developers says so. XIII era was a huge mess.

MADGameR120d ago

Spring 2024 probably. But that's just my estimation...

Babadook7120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

Somehow I thought this was a 2023 release. Guess that’s not known after all.

WhiteHawk119d ago

They only said next winter, which goes to march next year, and as the first part came out at the beginning of the year it released in, that’s the most likely. But we will see, if they are ahead of schedule they might try for the Xmas money, all depends on how many big games do the same as well.

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Final Fantasy 7 news will be shared next month, Remake director reveals

From VGC: "Square Enix will make announcements regarding the 25th anniversary of Final Fantasy 7 next month.

That’s according to director Tetsuya Nomura, who shared the news during a Japanese live stream focused on the mobile battle royale Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier on Wednesday.

It’s possible June’s announcements could include the reveal of Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2, since Square Enix has previously indicated that it would like to share details on the sequel during this anniversary year."

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lelo2play500d ago

Not really.
Final Fantasy 15 was crap.
Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 1 was meh.

Not very hyped for future Final Fantasy games.

Dimbduck500d ago

Speak for yourself, FFVII Remake was my favorite game last generation. The story was bonkers in FFXV but it was a step in the right direction compared to XIII.

Levii_92500d ago Show
Michiel1989500d ago

Ill take XIII over XV any day, if i wanted to just mash buttons i would play cookie clicker instead of XV. It was the least interesting combat system ive ever seen in a FF game. FF XIII at least had a comprehensive story, if you wanted to really understand the XV story, you had to watch a movie, an anime and there were some kind of audio logs if im not mistaken.

At least in ff7R they improved on it so mindless bashing doesnt get totally rewarded.

Lore500d ago Show
lelo2play500d ago Show
pietro1212500d ago

15 was okay considering all the hell it went though. I loved FFVII Remake 1 reminded me of the action RPGs of Square’s past. As for 16, did you not see who’s working on it?! FFXVI is going to be one of the best Final Fantasy titles ever.

CrimsonWing69500d ago (Edited 500d ago )

I think you should replay FF 15, I started it up after getting the Royal Edition I have a real appreciation for this game. It’s really different, but there’s this immersive quality and chill vibe to it that, honestly, I haven’t seen in any other game.

It’s kind of stupid how into the game I’ve gotten. Like, I’m always trying to find new recipes, fishing, exploring for random dungeons and getting material to make OP weapons for how early I am in the game. The Easter eggs and things are fun to see if you’re a fan.

Thought the Deadeye quest was pretty cool. I dunno, I think it’s actually kind of a brilliant game. Is it my favorite FF game? No, I’m the one who thought the series was best from 6-9, but giving 15 another go, I think it’s really good.

gold_drake499d ago

you're entitled to your nad opinion of course, however, even objectively, FF7rR was amazing.

15 got good when the royal version came out

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MadLad500d ago

Can't wait to spend $60 on another piece of a 25 year old game they decided to reinvent.

SegaSaturn669500d ago

Hopefully they'll give it away for free on ps plus.

MadLad500d ago Show
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GoodGuy09500d ago

Will probably be $70 actually

SullysCigar500d ago ShowReplies(1)
Muigi500d ago

Or you could wait for it to go on sale lol.

andy85500d ago

Me neither, and not in a sarcastic way 😂

Gregero500d ago (Edited 500d ago )

$70. You'll spend $70 on another piece of a 25 year old game they'll reinvent in the worst ways by pulling out content that's too "disturbing" for the players. The midgar zolem is gonna be in a little grave with Seph's sword in it because seeing the snake is too graphic like the shinra massacre scene was. Hope youre enjoyin Cancun, man.