Games Leaving Game Pass List Expanded in June to Over 10 Titles with Addition of Six More Games

Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft's video game subscription service, is set to lose six more titles from its library, bringing the total number of departing games to 11.

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MadLad119d ago

The Hunter I still actively play but, eh, I got my fill. I'll grab it on the next Steam sale.

theindiearmy119d ago

They probably announced and added most of these last showcase season and chances are they were on one-year deals. So makes sense June would see a high list of departing games than most other months.

Aussieguy118d ago

Gamepass is starting to go downhill IMO. There seems to be more and more Indy games now and they dont seem to care what games come to Gamepass as long its something. There should be a quality standard or at least try and get more retail games, even if its just older 360 games and Xbox one.


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