Diablo 4 inventory complaints rife amid server errors at launch

Diablo 4 inventory space is already proving to be a concern in the latest Blizzard RPG entry, as players call for a Diablo 4 patch already upon launch.

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rippermcrip116d ago

I guess I can't blame N4G cause they're just reporting the "news"... but whole articles being written about the smallest of issues in a game. First we had an article all about the scrolling text. Then an article about the HUD. Now an article about gem storage. You can't get real news nowadays. Complaining is the news.

Tacoboto116d ago

And from the person in the article quoted as complaining: "It’s literally the only thing I’d change right now."

For a positive spin, this is a AAA GaaS title of a long-running franchise from an esteemed developer that's launching *not* broken in fundamental ways.

anast116d ago

It got a 10 with server errors...


Diablo 4: The Struggle with Leveling and Game Progression

Dive Deep into the Darkness: Your Ultimate Diablo 4 Guide!

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LordoftheCritics3d ago

Exhausting game.

There is zero drive to do anything in the game.

Slappy McGee2d ago

Especially after you beat it. The seasons are just not fun and neither is grinding to level up since everything levels with you.

Sonic18812d ago

I went from liking this game to hating it. Diablo Immoral 2.0

Gardenia2d ago

That's what battle pass and seasons do to a game. They control how much you can play, how fast you should level and what you can win for free.

northpaws2d ago

I am starting to believe Xbox is cursed at this point... everything they touched slowly become shit, not saying it is their responsibility as I know they don't have involvement on some of these games, just crazy how they are almost impossible to put out a decent games as long as the publishers/studios are owned by them, unlucky I guess.

bradfh2d ago

Activision, not Xbox, is responsible for disappointing games like Diablo, Overwatch 2, Call of Duty, and World of Warcraft, which often suffer from endless grinding and changes that make them less enjoyable.

Kosic2d ago

Xbox does not own D4, so I am unsure how they can be at fault for this game...

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Diablo 4 Korean Live Event Turns Into a Disaster With Empty Seats and Not a Lot of Interest

The recent State of Diablo event in South Korea had almost zero interest, indicating waning interest in the game among Korean players.

shinoff218314d ago

Good. Sounds like alot of bs with that game. I'd much rather just buy diablo 3.

PapaBop13d ago

That's because Blizzard are no longer Blizzard and just another developer under Kotick's greedy watchful eye. Gamers are no longer cherished fans but $$ cows to be milked.

UltimateRacer13d ago

Going to become even worse under MS and Phil.

anast13d ago

It's like having a live event for a reskin of Diablo Immortal...

Stanjara13d ago

Wait, don't you guys have Korea?

Apparently not.

But China... when they hammered that WOW statue down... be gone Satan!

Jayszen13d ago

I guess Koreans can spot when a game has been designed with a view to milking more money out of players. C & C went the same way and fans walked away from the franchise after 'Generals'.