Diablo 4 fans are crying out for Blizzard to add a Gem Pouch

From GameWatcher: "As you traverse the expanses of the Sanctuary in Diablo 4, engage in combat with adversaries, and accumulate a treasure trove of loot for your inventory, you may notice that Gems predominantly occupy your inventory space.

This becomes particularly noticeable as you progress into the game's later acts. What solution are fans proposing? A Gem Pouch, please."

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just_looken110d ago (Edited 110d ago )

I am very amazed no fallout first style subscription yet on a blizzard game.

Gem pouch
Bigger storage chest
separate room like current one but a special one away from the peasants.
Better rng drops
A unique ingame tag/horse
Private room like fallout 76 has

$12,99 a month or $100 a year

Call it the demon slayer membership or some crap

Phlacky109d ago

'Better rng drops'..... so pay to win then?

anast109d ago

They will ease most of this stuff in.

just_looken109d ago


Have you seen gta plus fallout 1rst? popular and pay to win

Flakegriffin110d ago

It was in D3. Should’ve brought it back over.

anast110d ago

True. It strange to reskin a game and leave out one of the most useful things of the previous game.

vallencer109d ago

There was no gem pouch in D3. I just always kept them in my inventory because of this reason. But then again the inventory was bigger in d3 then 4 which is weird.

Prime157109d ago

Brought what over? The gem pouch that took up inventory space?

I'm confused by the argument I'm seeing on these sites recently. This is the third article I've seen saying "inventory is taken by gems, which hasn't happened before now." Gems have always taken space, but they were auto-sorted in d3.

Do I agree an auto-sort function would be great? Yes.

Spenok109d ago


Bunch of damned entitled brats out there. Play the game it was intended to be played, not that way you envision or expect it to be.

Flakegriffin109d ago

People just ask for something simple then you weirdos come in and try to make an argument out of it.

Get out of your feelings there, bud.

Spenok107d ago

It's just annoying how people expect something, then get upset when they don't get it.


Diablo 4 Korean Live Event Turns Into a Disaster With Empty Seats and Not a Lot of Interest

The recent State of Diablo event in South Korea had almost zero interest, indicating waning interest in the game among Korean players.

shinoff21839d ago

Good. Sounds like alot of bs with that game. I'd much rather just buy diablo 3.

PapaBop8d ago

That's because Blizzard are no longer Blizzard and just another developer under Kotick's greedy watchful eye. Gamers are no longer cherished fans but $$ cows to be milked.

UltimateRacer8d ago

Going to become even worse under MS and Phil.

anast8d ago

It's like having a live event for a reskin of Diablo Immortal...

Stanjara8d ago

Wait, don't you guys have Korea?

Apparently not.

But China... when they hammered that WOW statue down... be gone Satan!

Jayszen8d ago

I guess Koreans can spot when a game has been designed with a view to milking more money out of players. C & C went the same way and fans walked away from the franchise after 'Generals'.

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Diablo IV Is Getting a Bonus XP Weekend

Developer Blizzard wants to give you extra Diablo IV XP.

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babadivad23d ago

Too late, already abandoned this game.

Flawlessmic23d ago

Same, bought it a month after release, was work8ng my way through the main quest, then bg3 came and haven't looked back since.

Even know that I finished bg3 and have a few days to go till starfield, I don't have the urge to play D4.

babadivad23d ago

I started Elden Ring for the first time. Pretty sure this will carry me to and a little past the launch of Starfield which I have pre-installed. As of right now, I don't see myself going back for the foreseeable future.

Flawlessmic23d ago

Ohhh your in for a treat man, elden ring is amazing although unless ur gonna play it a whole lot between now and starfield it's unlikely you will finish it time but it will definitely last you till then minimum

babadivad23d ago

Yeah, Elden Ring is phenomenal. Can't remember the last time I put hours in like this on a game. It's literally been years since I have been stuck on a game like this.