The 7th Guest VR is confirmed for PSVR 2 [rumor for now]

The PSVR 2 logo appears at the end of the trailer. Seemingly confirming it's launch for PSVR 2 ahead an official announcement for a PSVR 2 version of the game.

SullysCigar115d ago

Awesome news! This is a true classic game from the CD era.

More of this kind of thing!

potatoseal115d ago

It's extremely nostalgic for me. I played this so much as a kid on PC. So glad it's now confirmed for PSVR 2. This is a serious day 1 for me. I don't care what else I'm playing at the time lol

TGGJustin114d ago

It's very strange that none of the developers or press material mentioned a PS VR2 version. I almost wonder if the logo at the end of this trailer was a mistake.

SullysCigar114d ago

Well, I'm sure Meta wouldn't have appreciated it being left in. They would have wanted their moment in the sun before the PSVR2 version was announced. Maybe the launches will be staggered?

potatoseal114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

This isn't some press image. It's an official trailer they released on twitter. If it was a mistake, then why wouldn't they have just posted the trailer that you all got?

I mean do you think I should change the submission to rumor? But then again this is an official trailer the developer released.

EDIT: I changed it to rumor

sagapo114d ago

You can’t call it confirmed if it’s a rumor no? Would be a great addition to the PSVR2 library tho!

potatoseal114d ago

@ sagapo Well the title is saying that the game being confirmed is a rumor. In the summary it also says that it is 'seemingly' confirmed, meaning that it's not a verified fact yet. But the video is giving the impression that it's coming to PSVR 2.

EvertonFC114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

I'm pretty sure all games at the meta quest showcase will make it over to VR2 wether at the same time or staggered releases.

Babadook7113d ago

At Sonys press conference one of the games had an Oculus logo if I remember correctly.

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S2Killinit114d ago

I had never heard of this… is it really that good?

potatoseal114d ago

It's came out before Myst and it's similar to that. You walk around a haunted mansion and solve puzzles and open secret doorways trying to piece together what happened to the people there. You can unlock bits of the story of the past inhabitants and watch it unfold in front of you. Yes it's good and it's considered a classic PC game from back in the day.

poppatron114d ago

I played this as a kid with my mum, vr was already going to blow her mind, combined with this her heads going to explode

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