Diablo 4 Cosmetic Items Are Now on Sale and Are Ridiculously Overpriced

Blizzard has launched Diablo 4's cosmetics for sale and the prices is absurdly high with prices ranging from $15 to even $28.

SullysCigar122d ago

30 dollars for a frock?! 🤣

FU Blizzard.

excaliburps121d ago

I know it's optional but yeah, I hear you. I mean this is a full priced retail game...

S2Killinit121d ago

Someone has to pay for Activision acquisition.

outsider1624120d ago

Do you know how expensive it is to hand sew a frock..30 dollars is nothing ;-)

anast121d ago

They Immortaled their Diablo 3 reskin...nice.

Gwiz121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

What isn't overpriced? I can't even tell what a deal looks like.
Get 3!! pay for 4.. it used to be 5, Now only..

-Foxtrot121d ago

Course they did

Just after reviews gave it glowing praise

“Quick we’ve secured our game and sales, release the MT prices”

Sonic1881121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

And they know casual gamers will fall for it. This is another reason why Microsoft wants to acquire them. Perfect for gamepass. COD, World of Warcraft, and Diablo will fit in nicely

CobraKai120d ago

They learned from the mobile game that there are fans that will eat this up.

--Onilink--121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

Well, from SkillUp’s review, they apparently gave reviewers the information about what would be in the store including prices (obviously not for every single thing).

I dont really see them particularly far from the current MT prices on every other game so it would make sense it didnt cause an uproar.

That said, they are unbelievably stupid prices that wouldnt exist if not for streamers/whales (though many whales tend to be streamers)

To me, they have completely broken the MT economy in the entire industry by making sure just a handful of people generate so much revenue for the companies by buying practically everything, that its basically irrelevant for the companies to target the average consumer in their MT. And the viewers in turn make it a vicious cycle that basically require them to keep doing that as well


Actually, while the store wasn't open during the review period reviewers saw footage of the store and the prices. (Skill Up mentions it.)

There's no surprises here.