Hi-Fi Rush May Get New Content as Hinted by 10 New Achievements

SteamDB just showed ten new achievements added to Hi-Fi Rush, hinting at some kind of new content coming soon to the rhythm action game.

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Interview with Pete Hines: The possibilities of Starfield and the future of Bethesda

Vandal writes:
'We spoke for half an hour with the VP of Bethesda Softworks, who reveals that the company will take more risks after the success of Hi-Fi Rush.'

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Hi-Fi Rush Achieves 3 Million Players

Today Bethesda announced that its cool new IP rhythm game by Tango Gameworks Hi-Fi Rush has passed a player milestone.

PrinceOfAnger46d ago

a great game that need a sequel fs.

--Onilink--44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

What is going on in the comments and dislikes of this article? its taking up PS fanboy stupidity to whole new levels for this site haha

Even articles where the topic is actually ripe for discussion dont see this level of stupidity to the point someone cant even say it was a good game…

LoveSpuds45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

It would be interesting to see the numbers for how many people completed the game if we were to try and assess engagement I think.

My own experience with games on subscription is that I am more likely to try a game and not stick with it, although I did complete HiFi Rush.

None of this is a reflection on the game, I absolutely loved it, I am simply suggesting that these stats are not that informative compared with similar stats reflecting sales.

ken281345d ago

3mil players on 25 mil subscribes(not including the people who bought the game and didn’t subscribe.) this doesn’t sound like something to brag about to me.

Old McGroin45d ago


Why not, that's 12% uptake for Gamepass subscribers alone. For comparison, The Last of Us Part 2 and Horizon Zero Dawn had a lower percentage uptake on PS4 (10 million out of 117 million PS4 owners) at 11.7%.

Tacoboto45d ago


I like Game Pass but it's really not fair to criticize the premium PS experiences for having less "uptake"

For one, HiFi Rush is available on the 22 million Xbox Series units, and the hundred/hundreds of millions of Windows PCs.

For two, it's available for instant play for 25 million of those 100+ million players, and only hit 3 million. At *best* their real uptake is 3%, and that's being extremely generous considering the near-free price of entry.

Three - TLOU Part 2 and Horizon have sold more than 10m each too... TLOU Part 2 hit that figure in early 2022 and Horizon Zero Dawn sold over 20m. Sold. As in "not downloaded as part of a subscription"

JEECE45d ago

Yep. If there are story-based achievements in this game (most games like this have them, but I haven't played this one, so I don't want to assume), I'd be interested to know the percentage of players who got the first story trophy, what percentage got the one roughly 50% through the story, and how many got the one for when you complete the story. I think this would adequately tell us how many players really engaged with the game as opposed to those who simply downloaded it because it was free and played a few minutes. Because I downloaded Flight Simulator because it was free and played a few minutes (basically to take off a plane from my local airport) but I don't think you could say I meaningfully engaged with the game.

Old McGroin45d ago


I wasn't criticising the premium PS experience at all, just thought it would be interesting to make some sort of comparison. The only console I have is a PS5! I had a Steam Deck up until recently which is where I played Hi Fi Rush.
The 10 million figure is what came up on one website when I Googled it so apologies, didn't realise those figures were so far off!

Father__Merrin44d ago

on xbox when achievement pops up it gives you a percentage of how many people have reached that. some titles ive played on gamepass PC even quite early in game the achievement shows up as low percentage and if its very low percentage then the achievement pops up as a rare achievement

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4Sh0w45d ago

lol, So many haters on Xbox threads, its like
they cant help themselves, now suddenly we need to know how many people *finished it, attach rate?, pfft be careful alot ps exclusives by the same standard are lower so 3mil players playing any game is great news for that game, especially a game that was shadow dropped, no marketing= HiFiRush truly performed well just because it's that good & organic word of mouth carried it.

44d ago
ApocalypseShadow45d ago

That's a whole lot of sal.... players.

45d ago
1Victor45d ago

@julio: “U play games or sale numbers?”
Don’t you ? That’s the best part of the game the “ my game sold more than yours”
If you don’t play the numbers you’re playing the game wrong 🤣

IamFrasierCrane45d ago

Sales equal more games. Game development costs money.

Crows9045d ago

We play games. Playing games gets them sal...players


Abriael45d ago

"Sales numbers are important to continue to develop great games."

Only when you don't have a subscription service that finances these great games.

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44d ago
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Lightning7745d ago

Rather it's through subscription or 30$ separately the game is being played by allot of ppl. A shadow drop no marketing mind you.

They had 2 million in March and now surpass 3 million now. Plus they expanded their studio and opened up more position's. That's all you need to know.

LoveSpuds45d ago

Stats showing people downloading a game and trying it are one thing, the real question is how many played it for a decent spell or completed it.

Personally, I am not sure that 3 million subscribers downloading a free game is the equivalent of achieving 3 million sales. If they have a user base of 18 million, you could suggest that only 3 million users trying a free game actually isn't all that impressive, I dunno?

ken281345d ago

I hate when people say a gamepass game is free. You are renting them. I guess blockbuster was giving me free games also.

DOMination-45d ago

51% of people got to the first tallneck in HZD. That's not that far into the game, a little bit further out from the tutorial section. Does that mean 49% of sales for that game "don't count" ?

I could play this game with every title that's ever released. But the point is, whether people have purchased the game or played it as part of a subscription, a huge majority don't play for more than a few hours, let alone complete it. Suddenly judging an Xbox game only by this metric is both mental and yet classic from the "N4G community".

The hack n' slash genre isn't mainstream. This perception that every Gamepass subscriber should have played it is laughable. People have different tastes, limited time and lives. Not every Netflix user watches every show. Why is Gamepass evaluated differently?

Bayonetta even in the 360ps3 days sold less than 2m. DmC managed 6m but that was multiplat and with a huge install base and was an established franchise. Not a budget title that was stealth released. 3m for HiFi Rush seems reasonable and it looks like MS agrees. You can try and move goalposts all you want and I get that to some of you guys, anything MS does is just going to be bad simply because it isn't Sony. But the arguments raised above really aren't logical at all.

oIMyersIo45d ago


You're getting downvoted for using the same tired logic against them.

The hypocrisy is rife. These numbers aren't enough for team blue, they want to see how many people completed it BUT when you rightly point out the number of people who even completed the tutorial of HZD, you get down votes. Hilarious.

LoveSpuds45d ago

Interesting you felt the need to pick a PS exclusive to illustrate the point that the percentage of gamers completing games is low. This is true of every game ever released.

The point is though, a sale is a sale, it doesn't matter how much a consumer sticks with it. Compare this to subscription where the entire purpose of a game is to drive engagement, to keep a consumer actively using the service.

FlavorLav0145d ago

You forgot the part where they lost the head of the company and Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami right after Hi-Fi Rush was released. That’s a lot of creativity and passion that left with him I’d imagine. Will be interesting to see how that affects the studio going forward.

The Wood45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

comparing sales to players is a false equivalence. A free game should and would usually outnumber a sold game. That 50 percent of whatabouti--- sorry, tallnecks is still 100 percent sales and would generate exponentially way more revenue thus heightening the prospects of a sequel. The game is dope though but people will soon see the advantages of hard sales vs players on a sub. The lack of marketing due to the shadow drop was both a gift and a curse.

oIMyersIo45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

"That 50 percent of whatabouti--- sorry, tallnecks is still 100 percent sales and would generate exponentially way more revenue thus heightening the prospects of a sequel."

False - HZD is part of PS Plus Extra which, correct me if I'm wrong, is also a subscription service. So no, this whatabout- sorry, sales, is factually Incorrect.

Flakegriffin45d ago


Homie, you’re out here in full protection mode, eh? 😂

Chevalier44d ago

"51% of people got to the first tallneck in HZD. That's not that far into the game, a little bit further out from the tutorial section. Does that mean 49% of sales for that game "don't count" ? "


Horizon Zero Dawn sold 24 million copies though. You really think 3 million people playing a game with no real stats to explain how far they got compares to 24 million sales? Lol. 35% of people beat HZD which is over 8 million people.

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Shane Kim45d ago

Let Microsoft care about the sales.