I'm a terrible PC gaming gremlin – and that's exactly why I'll be buying PlayStation's Project Q

GR: “Sony hasn't yet shown off much about Project Q; we don't know how much it'll cost, and there are still industry-wide questions to ask about the relevance of cloud-based play, especially for people without strong internet connections. But if the price is right and the tech is there, I'll take any chance I can to take a night away from my PC to actually play some of the great games Sony has been churning out in recent years.”

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Tacoboto110d ago

This sounds like such a puff piece it's hard to believe this is a genuine opinion. Replace Project Q with Logitech G Cloud and PS with Xbox - same applies.

"I'll take any chance I can to take a night away from my PC to actually play some of the great games Sony has been churning out in recent years." says the author, who neglects to mention that PS Remote Play has existed competently for a full decade (avoiding the partner-watching-tv issue), and also chooses League of Legends over their PS5 when it's by their desk. "Any" chance, but has every chance today and would rather play LoL.

It is absurd to justify the existence of streaming only displays. If Sony can make this run Android to install other streaming apps, and also pair it directly to the PS5 for Wii-U like gameplay capabilities, then we're talking about a cool device.

CrimsonWing69110d ago

I mean you have to have a PS5 for it, so does the editor not just step away to play "great games Sony has been churning out in recent years" without the need for this?

Like I'm so confused by all of this or does he think it's a Switch Lite?

Profchaos110d ago

Yeah I'd agree if it was a Android tablet with a duelsense connected it would make more sense but I feel it will be like the vita a custom OS that can do remote play.

Tapani110d ago (Edited 110d ago )

I'd like something like this for both Steam and PS5. I want a 8" 1080p 120hz OLED screen, seamless streaming at home. Just to sit back at sofa when someone else is using the TV, or playing at bed just before going to sleep. Can't play on the go, because I'm always tied up with doing business when on the move.

I guess the ROG Ally is the closest to this, and it could also be taken with you, but I don't want to fork out 5x the price just for the "play on train 30min once a month, play on airplane four times a year" when I use handhelds mostly at home.

Profchaos110d ago

Could you not just use a tablet and controller maybe a cheap gamepad mount that way you get the screen you want the controller you want and get access to PlayStation remote play, Steam remote play, xcloud, get force now the list goes on and on along with native stuff like games and retroarch for classic systems

Tapani110d ago

Possibly. The logitech one might work. After seeing Switch OLED, I'd very much like an OLED screen, so perhaps an oled tablet.

Profchaos110d ago

I agree OLED is absolutely the way to go I also own a switch OLED and it's a beautiful display most smartphones have had OLED and premium tablets for a few years now so getting something capable of using all those services should be easy enough I know remote play is a bit picky it likes to use duelshock/ sense controllers only so that's why I suggested a gamepad like a duelsense if you already own one as it will work across pretty much everything even xcloud and steam

derek110d ago

I will never take any portable device outside the home to play games, ever. The Q would be perfect for me for times I'm away from my TV around the house. If the price is right, I may pick one up.


You already know the price isn't going to be right, it's Sony lol.

Magog110d ago

Sounds like he needs to seek help for his LOL addiction.

neomahi110d ago

........ But you can't take it anywhere..... What's the point when you can play it on a much bigger monitor in your home?


Project Q Leaked Pictures Show the Handheld Is Running Android

A trio of leaked pictures of Sony's upcoming Project Q handheld device show that it is likely running Android, opening lots of possibilities.

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Vits60d ago

I think it's a bit too early to be excited about it.

Running Android does open a lot of possibilities from streaming games from Xbox Game Pass to running Switch games natively - depending on how powerful the internal hardware is - but that is pendent on it being open to third-party apps or easy to hack right out of the box.

VenomUK60d ago

What if the Android OS means you can use third-party streaming services like Nvidia's GeoForce Now? What if Project Q turned out to be the best device for streaming Xbox Game Pass?

Vits60d ago

I mean, that is the point. IF and that is a big IF. This device runs Android and it's unlocked from the start to third-party apps. Then it would become much more than a simple local streaming screen. You would basically be free to do whatever until you reach the limits of the hardware.

343_Guilty_Spark60d ago

Well you can get a Backbone or similar controller and attach it to any modern Phone and it’ll probably be better than the Q just because it’ll have cellular connectivity

thesoftware73060d ago (Edited 60d ago )

Then MS and Sony both win!!!

I would get one if it's Android unlocked because I like the look of it..and I'm a sucker for gaming gadgets.

Sonic188160d ago


You sound like a desperate idiot after that comment. It was funny though I'll give you that.

VincentVanBro60d ago

Lol no, it isn’t even OLED. A must for portable devices.

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ABizzel160d ago

I doubt the hardware is that powerful since it’s a streaming only device when it comes to Sony and their IPs, so it has to be less than $300, otherwise, you’re better off just getting an Odin and doing the same things anyway and find an APK to stream PS5 games through remote play while being an actual handheld instead of a PS5 controller with a small tablet screen between it.

Having Android as the OS was necessary to get the emulation community involved with it, if it fails with the PS fans.

Vits60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

Not necessarily, contrary to something like the Odin that is made in a backyard and has issues getting suppliers from the big b2b manufacturers. Sony is a giant and by virtual of that, they can get much better deals on parts. This in turn might end up creating a device that is more powerful than it necessarily needs for its primary function. Just because that would be cheaper and/or easier for them. Also, as a side note, I would never recommend Odin for streaming. Its sticks are terrible, not even full range. Hell, I don't know even if I would recommend it for emulation. That input lag of over 100ms is rough.

As for it being a necessity to bring in the emulation community. I doubt Sony cares about that community at all, there is barely any money to be made there. Especially when it's not paired with their own store where they would get a cut from selling licensed roms. The reason for going Android is probably more to do with how easy it was to develop their system based on that than from the ground up.

--Onilink--60d ago


How would making a device that is more powerful than its needed be cheaper or easier for them?

Vits60d ago


Well, first you have to keep in mind that the bar for a streaming-only device is low. So having something that is more powerful than needed is a given unless they went with a custom solution. But the latter would probably be more expensive than using off-the-shelf parts.

So, they will work with what the market has available. And from the point of view of manufacturing the factors that they will most likely take into consideration are the price, the availability, how easy it is to assemble it with the rest of the components and if it fits their target performance. So they take all of their targets into consideration when choosing the final parts and that is where we might end up with something that is more powerful than needed.

Again, I'm not expecting this to be an incredibly powerful device. But I wouldn't be surprised if we ended up with a "NES-Mini situation".

fr0sty60d ago

So, it literally is just a cell phone that can't do as much as a cell phone.We have Backbone for that.

crazyCoconuts60d ago

Dualshock features
Big screen
Better than backbone of you're lounging around the house and don't want to start up your gaming rig

MrNinosan60d ago

Not Dualshock features, it's DualSense features.

Sadist358d ago

Exactly. What’s the point of a handheld device that isn’t mobile to use on the go? If I’m gonna be in the house I might as well use my freaking PS5

Soldierone60d ago

The bigger issue imo is the storage. Even if it's locked, Android can be broken to be unlocked rather easily. The problem is it's a "streaming device" so if it has little to no internal storage and no way to expand that storage, it's basically useless.

porkChop60d ago

Yeah that's what I was thinking. It's unlikely that any local storage exists aside from what's necessary to store the OS and updates. On top of that the hardware itself is just for streaming so it'll be super low power. I wouldn't get my hopes up for this, regardless of whether it runs Android or not.

Pyrofire9560d ago

It's a pretty big question mark. At potentially $300 it's gotta have something useful. I think SONY has really screwed up by revealing the thing with no infomation. It just leads to speculation and assumptions will lead to people making up any possiblity positive and negative.