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Xbox profits revealed in new FTC leak

Gamers, investors, consumers and competitors finally get a concrete answer on just how profitable Microsoft's Xbox video games division actually is.

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Obscure_Observer6h ago

Well well, so Xbox is making more profit than Playstation, hu?

Interesting. Very, very interesting!

Jin_Sakai2h ago

Guess they don’t need Activision then.

outsider16241h ago(Edited 1h ago)

From what i read they made 230million a month(revenue). What i wanna the heck are they paying for the cost of all those games to be on gamepass?

fr0sty1h ago(Edited 1h ago)

That was last year... and as the article mentions, could be skewed by the way the numbers are counted. Phil goes on to admit "the Xbox business today runs at a single-digit profit margin" (note that they leave out what that single digit is, so there's no way of knowing if it is above or below Sony's 7%)

Keep in mind this is BEFORE the Activision deal closed which removed an additional $69 billion... their profit margins now could be (and likely are) in the negative. This is why Phil said that if they don't get substantially more GamePass subscribers by 2027, they may exit the gaming business entirely. Xbox Game Studios, Bethesda, Activision/Blizzard go on fire sale, and you know who will likely buy them at that point. Microsoft just put ALL their eggs in the GamePass basket, they'd better hope they don't end up like Netflix, etc... circling the drain as they all realize the streaming subscription services aren't profitable or sustainable.

Obscure_Observer8m ago

"Keep in mind this is BEFORE the Activision deal closed which removed an additional $69 billion... their profit margins now could be (and likely are) in the negative"

Whatever mental gymnastics you try won't rewrite reality, dude.

Xbox division is making more profits out revenues than Playstation. I don´t care if you like it or not. It is what it is.

jesujohn6h ago

Lmao the dude puts a disclaimer - "Comparing this number with the other Big 3 players isn't exactly straightforward. The accountability methods may be different. We're not entirely sure how Microsoft calculates its accountability margin"

shadowT3h ago

I am wondering if the $3.7 billion for Bungie are included oder excluded in the Playstation numbers.

Oobah33m ago

Xbox actually makes more profit than PlayStation.
Plot twist

PhillyDonJawn19m ago(Edited 17m ago)

Wait am I reading this right? Xbox profit more than PS! Wow who would've thought. Yall wanted to see the numbers so bad here ya go

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Xbox leak reveals estimated costs of AAA games on Game Pass

Leaked Microsoft documents have revealed the estimated costs of putting third-party games on Xbox Game Pass. More games now included in list from original verge post.

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mandf16h ago

They aren't making much money as the fans claim that's for sure

Jin_Sakai13h ago(Edited 13h ago)

Expensive that’s for sure.

• Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga: $35 million
• Dying Light 2: $50 million
• City Skylines 2: Unknown
• Red Dead Redemption 2: $5 million per month
• Dragon Ball: The Breakers: $20 million
• Just Dance: $5 million
• Let's Sing ABBA: $5 million
• Return to Monkey Island: $5 million
• Wreckfest 2: $10-$14 million
• Baldur's Gate 3: $5 million
• Gotham Knights: $50 million
• Assassin's Creed Mirage: $100 million
• Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League: $250 million
• Star Wars Jedi: Survivor: $300 million
• Mortal Kombat 1: $250 million
• Grand Theft Auto 5: $12-15 million per month
• Blood Runner: $5 million
• Net Crisis Glitch Busters: $5 million

-Foxtrot11h ago

That's over a billion on Gamepass for these titles alone and some of them are "per month"

lucasnooker2h ago

The only “per months” are rockstar lol. Crazy how much money they pull in over these 2 titles. It’s unbelievable how much of a cash cow GTA V is, no wonder they have been in no rush for VI. Just hope we get a damn good single player still and they don’t neglect it because of the success of MP

GodsSon9034m ago

This confirms mk1 will be headed to gamepass?

gold_drake3m ago

oh sh*t, thats over a billion for all of these titles lol
how are they not losing money haha.