5 Xbox Series X exclusives which are overdue an update at the Xbox Games Showcase

GR: “The Xbox Games Showcase is almost upon us – here are some of the games we'd love to see.”

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potatoseal114d ago

Avowed, Fable and Indiana Jones for me. Indiana Jones being my most wanted.

Yi-Long114d ago

Everwild for me. Loved the art-design for that, but supposedly it hasn’t really gone smoothly ever since the first announcements, so I’m hoping we’ll see something to reassure that it’s still coming, and it’s still looking good …

jznrpg114d ago

Not knowing even what type of game it is it’s hard to get on board with it. Art style was cool though but it may have changed since then who knows

Magog114d ago

Will the games look anything like the CG trailers? Hard to say but Redfall sure didn't....

outsider1624114d ago

I wanna see Fable and Hellblade 2. 3rd party im hoping that Splinter Cell remake.

jznrpg114d ago

Kind of strange they leave out Series S in title though it’s the main platform for Xbox consoles

DeusFever113d ago

They are just doing what Microsoft PR told them to do.

Tacoboto114d ago

I'm less interested in State of Decay 3 than what Undead Labs is doing internally as a studio for XGS.

They reportedly had high turnover related to toxicity that was generally unaddressed by Microsoft at their main studio working on SoD3, and they recently established a dedicated UE5 animation studio on the opposite edge of the country in Florida.

In light of the newest revelations about Redfall especially - Microsoft isn't managing their own studios, they aren't managing Bethesda's studios, is there any kind of infrastructure established for cross-team/multi-studio collaborations within MS at all? At any level, outside of dedicated engineering specialists? That Florida studio will be interesting to follow as an example toward that.

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