Sooo, What's The Point Of Sony's Project Q?

Sony hasn't come out with a handheld console since the Vita flopped in 2011. However, Nintendo's gamble of making the Switch their mainline console for the eighth generation totally changed the game for portables—its trade-off of graphics for maximum convenience worked. The PSP showed how such a concept could be massively successful for Sony, while devices like the Switch and the Steam Deck have opened up the market far further in recent years. With Sony's strong first-party line-up, releasing a handheld console with new games and backwards compatibility would likely do gangbusters.

Project Q loses out on the key handheld advantage of portability too. A handheld console allows the user to take their machine outside—during the dull lethargy of a morning commute or when stuck indoors on a holiday. Given you'll be streaming from your PS5 to this doohickey, you're probably not getting as far. We don't know how good the range is, but even if you could somehow play on Project Q down the street from your PS5 it'll never equal a proper handheld. Moreover, if it's all about streaming games, then playing offline is already out of the question. Having games on a handheld system that can be played regardless of connection is a solid draw, but for Project Q it's just another missed opportunity to add to the pile.

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Magog119d ago

The point is to sell an accessory to those who want the best possible streaming experience. Dedicated hardware and a clean interface. With wifi and cell phone hotspots this could be used anywhere.

Flakegriffin118d ago

At that rate, why not just use my phone with a Backbone controller?

andy85118d ago

Bigger screen and still having access to your phone at the same time. It's very niche but I guess it's useful for some

TheCaptainKuchiki118d ago

why would I kill my phone battery when I need it?
Yes, streaming does drain battery.
Also, you don't get Dualsense features with a backbone.

Eonjay118d ago

Also having dual sense functionality compared to the limited Backbone functionality.

Kakashi Hatake118d ago

I wouldn't want to preoccupy my phone with hardcore games.

z2g117d ago

Exactly. I already do this with my iPad. I can purchase a Backbone on Amazon for cheap. It’s not only the same thing but almost better.

Notellin117d ago

Because your phone screen sucks for console gaming compared to this 8 inch option. The majority of remote play games there is zero chance you're able to read the options menu or any subtitles on a phone screen without a magnifying glass.

Also this ties up your phone and drains the battery significantly. Would much rather use a dedicated device myself.

I use the Razer Kishi currently and can't wait to get a much larger screen with a significantly upgraded input device. The sticks and buttons for both the Kishi/Backbone are mushy and cramped. Hate both of those controllers but that's my only options until this launches.

PapaBop117d ago (Edited 117d ago )

^^^ Not everyone probably has a high end phone like a S23 Ultra but my 6.8 inch OLED screen will be vastly superior to the Q's 8 inch 1080p LCD screen. I think the price point will dictate how well it sells but a Kishi plus an external battery pack would likely be a far cheaper option than buying a Q while doing the same thing.

MrBeatdown117d ago

I like my Backbone, but it ain't no DualSense.

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Lionsguard118d ago

I find it hilarious that people think this thing will play well using a some random Wifi or cellphone hotspot. The amount of lag and shoddy connection will feel like you're playing a game in 144p and still have input lag. It has to travel from your PS5's home connection and then again to wherever you are. I've tried remote play with my laptop next to my PS5 and router with my 400Mbps connection and it still looks like a bad YouTube video when I play and I lose connection within minutes because it tells me I need a connection faster than 5Mbps... When I have 400!

CrimsonWing69118d ago

Doesn’t the smartphone and backbone do this very same thing?

Notellin117d ago

Yeah but far worse and your phone is tied up.

z2g117d ago (Edited 117d ago )

You could do the same thing better with an iPad (or any tablet)most ppl with income in this market already own… and if using a cloud gaming service could take that most places. This thing is near pointless. Most households these days also have more than one screen so if finding a screen was a problem and you’re doing well enough to have dope internet., a ps5, a flatscreen tv and money to buy this then chances are you probably have more than one screen somewhere and can just move the console if it’s that big of an issue. It would be different if this could run on any internet connection and supported cloud streaming but this thing is far too limiting… at least to me.

NotoriousWhiz117d ago

The true value of this is going to be the price. It has to be under $200 otherwise, why not just get a steam deck?

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Vengeance1138119d ago

Yet another bandwagon "article" jumping on the hip cool trend of nonsensically bashing a handheld they literally know nothing about.
What ever happened to the unending narrative that gamers "demand choice and options" ?? I guess they don't like options in the end and are just lost little children.

SullysCigar118d ago

Honestly, DualShockers is a disgrace of a website these days. Clickbaiting in their struggle for relevance, like giving Redfall a high score and then making follow up articles to ride the back of those clicks. I won't approve their articles anymore, unless I see a prolonged period of positive change.

Abear21117d ago

If this was an Xbox product it would be interesting to see the reaction.

potatoseal117d ago

Honestly, I doubt it would get any traction at all. Not just from Sony fans, but also MS fans. It would barely be "heating up" on N4G. That's what I really think

CS7117d ago

I mean "literally" nothing isn't true.

We know its a handheld, that streams PS5 games.

They are discussing the fact that it only streams games (which we know).

And yes gamers like options but are we not supposed to be discussing the options that we have put out for us?

If we dislike certain parts of the options are we not supposed to say we don't like it or just be quiet like lost little children?

derek117d ago

@CS7 it ain't that important. If you dont like it don't buy it.

princejb134117d ago

The option is weak at best. Im one of those who havent bought a ps5 yet since the catalog is not big enough for my to justify the purchase. Still play my ps4 till this day. As soon as i saw a handheld playstation, i was like im buying day 1. When i saw its streaming only and must be paired with ps5 im but like oh thats pretty bad.

SonyStyled117d ago

Were you expecting to download full ps4/5 games on it?

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potatoseal119d ago

It's for people who want to stream games and do remote-play. I think it's pretty cool, but I don't need it and I won't be getting one. But I like the big screen and the haptics in the controls. I like the look of it. Imo it needs to be 199. Anymore I think it's too much

Eidolon117d ago

I really don't see this selling much, It's really big and only for Remote Play, it better not be over $200.. I can never get remote play to run well without latency and serious variance of compression/artifacts, and people say they can play on 5g. I think my ISP distance just sucks, the lowest latency I've seen is 29ms.

meanmallard119d ago

For a lot of people, the PS5 is connected to the living room TV. When someone else is using it you can play your PS5 on a large high-quality screen with full dual-sense support. That's the point.

The problem isn't the device, it's how they introduced it. They should have had an advert with a kid who can't use the TV getting to play his games on his project q instead of sweaty Jim Ryan nervously studdering out an introduction.

shinoff2183118d ago

You should apply for a job cause that was my same thought.

TheRealHeisenberg118d ago

And that may be exactly why I get one since my wife is always on my PS5.

Lionsguard118d ago

If your wife is on your PS5 then this device is worthless to you...because it relies on your PS5 to stream to it...