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VGChartz's Lee Mehr: "The Last Case of Benedict Fox feels like 2023's definitive example of the precarious balance of a Metroidvania's core tenets, even when a cool premise compliments the genre.  Even though Lovecraftian fiction in games isn't breaking new ground, Plot Twist found a niche anyway thanks to some creative ideas and a nuanced human/demon dynamic.  But not a single hour went by without me ping-ponging between positive & negative emotions, from beginning to end.  It's all the more frustrating to say this since the main fix is about mindset more than anything else, as though another 'developer draft' that respected the team’s limitations would’ve made it soar.  Instead, this case feels better left cold."

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GhostScholar125d ago

Don’t agree at all. I thought it was a beautiful metroidvania that took the formula and made it different. Story was fantastic. Combat was just ehh but overall really enjoyed it.

coolbeans124d ago

To each their own. I certainly agree that it does capture something new-ish with the formula, but the execution is so wanting. I just can't follow that praise about the story tbh. Just the way stuff is laid out feels so artificial that it eventually becomes white noise towards the end.

GhostScholar124d ago

I hear you. Something about it just really grabbed me.


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