Macross: Shooting Insight Reveals New Details on Story, Gameplay, & More; PS5 Version Announced

Bushiroad has shared details about the upcoming shoot 'em up Macross: Shooting Insight, inspired by one of the most popular sci-fi anime series of all time.

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ZeekQuattro123d ago

Looking at gameplay it's a collection of older games and most are shmups and at least 1 clunky looking 3D game.

Abriael123d ago (Edited 123d ago )

It's not a collection of any older game. It's a completely new game.

ApocalypseShadow123d ago (Edited 123d ago )

Only ones I would like to see on PS5 is a remaster of Macross PS2 which was awesome like Ace Combat.
And the side scroller Do You Remember Love. Maybe the PSP games too.

masterfox123d ago

whaaaaat!, so they are going to release a Macross game under the name Macross brand in the western? , no more Harmony Gold cr÷/_@p?, great if true , I dont mind if just a shoot'm up will buy it right away just to support the Macross brand, dont get me wrong love Robotech as well but the way Harmony Gold appropiate a brand they didnt create in such awful degree is pure garbage!!, literally the Macross brand is almost dead in the west due to Harmony Gold.

Chevalier123d ago (Edited 123d ago )

Harmony made a deal last year. That's why all the Macross anime series will be released by like 3 distributors as collector and regular editions apparently fyi



merlox123d ago

We need more Macross. Why not remasters of Robotech Battlecry and Invid Invasion. Even Macross Eternal Love Song or 2036 from the PC Engine.

FinalFantasyFanatic122d ago

I loved Robotech Battlecry, a port/remaster of that would be baller, I'd also love a new marcoss game like Macross 30.


Macross, Mushoku Tensei, & Goblin Slayer Games, RearSekai, Ginka, & More Presented by Bushiroad

Today Bushiroad Games hosted a presentation from Japan, showcasing some of the games in the publisher's upcoming lineup for consoles and PC.

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66d ago
TriniOutsider66d ago

The question is are these games coming to NA? I don't know it a lot of people know who Bushiroad is.

Abriael66d ago

The three anime games are all confirmed for English release. The rest is unknown, but RearSekai is probable.


Macross: Shooting Insight Reveals Rivals, but English Version May Be Missing Content

Bushiroad published new information about the upcoming anime-inspired shoot 'em up Macross: Shooting Insight, focusing on simulated battles and rivals.

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Bushiroad Announces Macross, Mushoku Tensei & Goblin Slayer Games & JRPG by Rune Factory Developers

Today Bushiroad announced a new label simply named Bushiroad Games, which will debut with multiple anime games, on top of another treat for Rune Factory fans.

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